Disney Vacation Club Tours Coming to My Disney Experience

Discussion in 'Walt Disney World News, Rumors and General Disc' started by KyleBurbank, May 3, 2016.

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    Wow. I thought DVC prided itself on how it didn't resort to the traditional pushy timeshare sales tactics. This seems really tacky to me, especially if this is advertised blatantly (rather than being something you have to search out). If they feel the need to push this so heavily, it also makes me wonder about the financial health of WDW, since DVC is great for the shortterm but does relatively little to generate continued spending after the initial sale

    So much for it being "the best kept Disney secret"...
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    I strongly disagree. People certainly are made aware of DVC with multiple locations in the parks. This just gives them a convenient way to book a tour. With the new DVC at Poly I imagine there will be substantial interest in seeing it. And the tours are certainly not pushy. I've been to non-DVC presentations and there is absolutely no comparison. I also disagree that DVC does little to generate continued spending. It pretty much guarantees that people will keep spending money on Disney vacations for the rest of their lives. Although DVC covers the cost of lodging, we still have to purchase park tickets and pay for dining and souvenirs. The lodging is really a relatively minor part of total cost of a WDW vacation. Also, even after the purchase is paid for, the annual dues are substantial. We pay $150 per month... an amount that would pay for a week in a Moderate Resort most times of the year or two weeks in a Value Resort. Since that is where we always stayed prior to DVC, what revenue has Disney lost?

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