Food & Wine? Or Food & Wino?

Discussion in 'Walt Disney World News, Rumors and General Disc' started by hbquikcomjamesl, Aug 15, 2018.

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    It really doesn't directly concern me this year, or next, because a return to WDW is way down my fall vacation queue, but I do know that the last time I was there, Food & Wine had pretty much degenerated into Food & Wino, with Epcot guests noticeably inebriated, and wearing t-shirts that weren't exactly family-friendly.

    The new article on this year's Food & Wine mentions that a great many people schedule their WDW vacations specifically for the event. In my case, it's pure coincidence, the result of that also being the time of year when the weather in Central Florida is neither especially hot nor especially wet.

    But does anybody have any idea whether or not Disney has any plans to get the drinking and non-family-friendly t-shirts (at least the ones that make unauthorized use of Disney IP) back under control?

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