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    Believe it or not it is a real thing.
    Over the years I have had many reptiles and quite a few turtles.
    The love affair started when I was only 4. Red Eared Sliders got extremely popular in the 50's. Of course my sisters and I talked our parents into procuring some for us. Little plastic bowl with the plastic palm tree and all.
    Holy Cow! I googled it and there it was:
    Sadly, as with thousands of kids across the country; these all died in a pretty short time. All the pet stores provided for food was a box of dried flies. My parents never were very pet savvy. (And there were all the poor children who contracted salmonella as a result of not knowing to wash their hands after handling their pets.)

    When I was in Jr High a neighbor dropped a dessert tortoise (that he found wandering down the road) into our back yard as a joke. I had him for many years. When my parents sold the house the lady who bought it was thrilled to *inherit* him.
    In later years we bought box turtles for our children. I also had a pond turtle that I raised from an egg. Remembering the tragedy of the Red Eared Sliders; I pledged to learn how to keep one alive. When we moved to Hawaii I gave her back to the guy who hatched the egg for me and she still lives in a local zoo; roughly the size of a dinner plate. (The turtle, not the zoo.)
    When we got back from Hawaii I bought a tiny Sulcata who was well over 100 pounds when he met an untimely death.:(
    My latest is Turtellini, an Eastern 3 -Toed Box Turtle. I got him 5 years ago as a hatchling. He has traveled with us to Washington, Michigan and Arkansas. He has been to the Redwoods, Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon.
    They really are fascinating creatures with unique personalities. And relatively low maintenance.
    IMG_1057 (2).JPG T3.jpg IMG_2550.JPG
    My quarters seem to be shrinking.:eek:
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    that was beautiful.

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