I dunno why this is, but in my mind, I always picture Test Track . . .

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    I dunno why it is. I know that Living Seas, The Land, and Imagination are all on the west side of FutureWorld, and Mission:Space, the former Ellen, and the former Body Wars are all on the east side, and that the show buildings for the latter are all much smaller than The Land and Living Seas, but for some reason, in my mind, I always picture Test Track on the west side, next to The Land, even though it's on the east side, next to M:S.

    For that matter (not being a regular Innoventions denizen), I had to look at Google Maps to figure out which way is north in Epcot. It feels unnatural for the main entrance to be at the north end, and the "back door" (International Gateway) to be southwest. Kind of reminds me of churches in which Liturgical east is almost any direction other than geographic east.

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