Teen Win, Lose or Draw (Disney Channel Original Game Show)

Discussion in 'Disney Television' started by Steve Arino, Jan 26, 2017.

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    Hello everyone,

    Does anyone here remember a Disney Channel Original Game Show called "Teen Win, Lose or Draw?" For those who don't, here's the Inside Information on this Game Show Rarity.

    Hosted by Marc Price, "Teen Win, Lose or Draw" had 2 teams per show (each composed of a Teen Celebrity Guest of the era and 2 Teen Contestants per show) compete in a game where the Object was to get his/her teammates to say words, names & phrases by Drawing; the team with the most points at game's end won a Prize Package e.g. a trip to U.S. Space Camp, while the runners-up won a Cheaper Prize Package e.g. a Konica Camera.

    Each game per show started with a Clue Puzzle Round where the teams had 60 seconds to guess a Series of Clues leading up to a well-known Subject e.g. "Gilligan's Island"; this was followed by a Phrase Round, where teams had 60 seconds or less to communicate a Phrase from a Category e.g. "No-Nos at Camp." As with regular "Win, Lose or Draw" (which this game show spun off from), each game ended with a 90-second Speed Round to determine the Prize Package winners.

    "Teen Win, Lose or Draw" taped its 1st season at The Disney-MGM Studios in Orlando, Florida, after which taping moved to Hollywood Center Studios in Los Angeles, California.

    After series creator Jay Wolpert left, Scott Stone & David Stanley (under the Stone Stanley Productions banner) took over as "Teen Win, Lose or Draw" showrunners for the next 2 seasons until Disney Channel canceled the show in September 1992 after a 3-year run. The show was briefly brought back in March 2014 under the title "Disney Win, Lose or Draw" with actor/magician Justin Willman taking over as host; the revival lasted only 2 months before its cancellation.

    Personally, I loved watching "Teen Win, Lose or Draw" when it came on Disney Channel; at age 7, I was lucky enough to have Disney Channel on my local cable station back when it was a Premium Channel before it switched to Basic Cable in the late 1990s.

    The first season (taped at Disney-MGM Studios) aired new episodes twice weekly Saturday nights & Sunday mornings at 6:30 P.M. ET/PT & 11:30 A.M. ET/PT respectively; for its 2nd and 3rd seasons, new "Teen Win, Lose or Draw" episodes were seen on Saturday mornings at 12 P.M. ET/PT (later 10:30 A.M. ET/PT) on Disney Channel, while the 1st season was seen weekdays in reruns at 4:30 P.M. ET/PT on Disney Channel.

    One of my favorite all-time "Teen Win, Lose or Draw" episodes featured Celebrity Guests Josie Davis ("Charles in Charge") & Scott Weinger (the future voice of "Disney's Aladdin"). I remember I used to have this particular one on VHS Tape taped off of Disney Channel, but sadly, the tape I had it on broke YEARS ago (and I regretfully taped over several other episodes in recent years also).

    I remember quite vividly the episode featured, among the contestants, a Hindu American teen male; a Red-Headed Caucasian male; an Asian-American female; and a tall Blonde female, the names of which are a blank to me because it's been YEARS since I've seen this episode, but if anyone has this or any other "Teen Win, Lose or Draw" episodes taped off of Disney Channel, I'd strongly encourage you readers to Digitize each episode that you have and then uploaded them to YouTube, DailyMotion, or related sites--and if all else fails, upload the episodes to Mega.nz and please post links in response to this message IF you have any "Teen Win, Lose or Draw" episodes.

    Thanks in advance.

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