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Discussion in 'Play Pen' started by See Post, Feb 18, 2006.

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    Originally Posted By indysoarin19

    Here's another fun post. Add as many additions as you want. Here are a starting few. Enjoy.

    1.) When you know what Fastpasses are disconnected and which ones aren't, making you the tour guide.

    2.) When you go by the name of a Disney character and shun your given name.

    3.) When your room is outrageously decorated as the character whose name you go by.

    4.) When you dress as that character and you consider it "normal day wear".

    5.) When you have every Disney song memorized and can sing them in tune.

    6.) When half of your iTunes/iPod library is Disney related.

    7.) When you wait for weeks outside the El Capitan to watch a restored Disney movie.

    8.) When you scream, applaud, and/or shout when the Walt Disney Pictures logo appears on a movie or TV screen.

    9.) When you fantasize about buying a ride vehicle from DisneyAuctions.

    10.) When you've actually done some of these and share them with others.

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