INF3_TFA_PlaySet_PackShot-X3Now that Star Wars: The Force Awakens is dominating the global box office and retail shelves, it's time for the final Star Wars release of Disney Infinity 3.0. Teased from the game's launch last Fall, Disney slowly revealed which figures would be part of the Play Set, which was released day-and-date with the film. The Play Set game piece features Finn's helmet and comes with figures of Rey and Finn. Poe Dameron and Kylo Ren are available separately along with a power disc pack with alternate costumes, skills and vehicles for the toy box.

TFA_Screenshot_Lineup-X3Like the film, the game starts on the planet Jakku. After a brief recap of the events that came before Rey finding BB-8, your mission is to protect the droid and get him off the planet. To do this, you must earn enough credits to pay Unkar Plutt to unlock the hangar where the Millennium Falcon is parked. These missions allow you to race around the dessert, fix broken droids, as well as climb and glide around the rooftops.

INF3_TFA_PoeDameron_PackShot-X2The next environment is not quite a world, but Han Solo's ship full of Rathtars. It's a fun, quick diversion from the space battles that you play between worlds. The next planet is Takodana. To access Maz Kanata's Castle, you have to complete missions for some of the galactic scum that are there. The most fun missions involve speeding across a lake to different islands and setting up obstacles to race through. Once you complete the missions, the game gets exponentially more difficult as storm troopers arrive. In the movie, Finn encounters a trooper with a shield and an electric device that can fend off light sabers. There are plenty of storm troopers armed this way in the game and they are extremely hard to get past.

After leaving Takodana, you get caught in a space battle and have to take down three Star Destroyers while fighting off TIE Fighters. It can get a bit hectic as you not only have TIE Fighters trying to shoot you down, but the Star Destroyers also have guns that need to be disarmed before you can access their weak spots to destroy them.

TFA_Lineup_1-X3The final world is the Starkiller Base, aka the new Death Star. You play both inside the planet and on its surface. Inside, you have to fight your way past storm troopers and climb from level to level to blow up its defenses. Once outside, you come face-to-face with Kylo Ren. Even if you play as this character, he's very hard to beat. Your only hope is to throw explosives at him, but even then he is able to use the force to repel them. My only advice: good luck.

TFA_Screenshot_Kylo-X3When the game is over, you can go back through and find more of the hidden items that you may have missed, such as play coins and extra missions that don't unlock until the end. As always, there are lots of toys that unlock for your Toy Box, but the coolest one for me was the chess set from the Millennium Falcon, with multiple games that you discover throughout the Play Set that work with it.