IMG_3905Turtle Talk with Crush opened at The Seas with Nemo and Friends in 2004 as part of the Living Character Initiative. Basically, the folks at WDI wanted to find a way to be able to bring the characters to "life" and have them interact with guests. Since 2004, aside from some back of house animation upgrades, the show has basically been the same with Crush interacting with us in the Human Tank and maybe Little Blue, Dory, showing up every now and then to help teach us how to speak whale. With the Disney*Pixar film Finding Dory coming to theaters in just a few weeks, it seems like Crush has wanted to get from of his friends in on the action.IMG_3894Now when you stop by to spend some time with that most righteous of sea turtles, odds are very high you will also get a few moments with some of his friends, old and new. IMG_3896Of course, Dory swims in as do Nemo, Squirt, and Marlin (who learns what a turtle pile is) from the 2003 hit film Finding Nemo. Plus, we get a chance to meet Hank the "septopus" and Dory's good friend who helped her learn to speak whale, Destiny — the whale shark whom we will get to know better once Finding Dory is released on June 17th.IMG_3898 IMG_3900No need to worry for you Crush fans: he is still the star of the show and interacts with all the little dudes, just now he has more friends to help him out.

One of the other things we know we can expect from any new film is new merchandise and Finding Dory has some great stuff!