I have had some random Disney thoughts rumbling through my head recently, but none of them are long enough to make a single blog about them, so I thought I would start this "Marshal's Musings" idea I had. Anytime you see the title as a Musings blog, just now it will be comprised of various bullet points about various topics with various thoughts. Let's get right to it...

  • Frozen is getting incredible reviews, which I did not expect whatsoever. I was incredibly excited for this film once I heard the Norwegian setting and the fantastic voice cast (Veronica Mars is a darn princess now, for heaven's sake!), but the trailers were, how do I put this nicely...crap. Everybody thought it, don't think that I am the only one making that comment. Yet, the reviews are trickling in and they are pretty darn great! Some saying that this is the best Disney musical since Beauty and the Beast, which is kind of a crazy thought. I have been listening to the soundtrack and I am very happy with it (You MUST listen to "Vuelie" on the album, a folk song from the Sami people of Norway. A chorus kid's dream...SO MANY GREAT HARMONIES!), so I am highly anticipating seeing the songs being performed on screen. I am predicting a $79 million 5-day opening cume, but I would love to hear your predictions in the comments. Truthfully, I predict this will premiere on Broadway within the next 5 years...I am calling it now!
  • Scandal is taking over ABC, along with its fellow nighttime soap counterparts (Nashville, Grey's Anatomy, Revenge, etc.), but thank goodness it is, because the 3rd season is pulling out all the stops. With (SPOILERS AHEAD) Quinn a member of B613, Olivia meeting her mother after her believing she was dead for 20+ years and Cyrus exploiting his husband for his job (My jaw dropped during that scene), this show is the best its ever been. I have been a Gladiator since Day 1 and I am still surprised and in love with this show. I would like to officially start the campaign to get Bellamy Young, the actress who brilliantly plays Mellie Grant, a Supporting Actress Emmy nomination, anyone else on board?
  • Country music is one of my other Disney sized obsessions (along with the Oscars and Root Beer) and recently I found out that Disney has revived their Country music label, DMG Nashville. This label, formerly known as Lyric Street Records, used to be the home to SHeDaisy and Rascal Flatts, but its first album under the new name will be from Lucy Hale, star of Pretty Little Liars and winner of the awful American Idol spin-off, American Juniors. This brings up the question...can I get a record deal? I kid, but I've always thought a Country Weekend at the parks would be such a cool thing. ABC airs the CMA Awards and any CMA specials (like their annual Country Christmas) and now they have this label, so why not pull a Night of Joy or a Super Soap Weekend and have the park filled with country music acts and fans with various events. I would be there in a heartbeat and I think it would kill money wise (which is the main focus of these things).
  • I am a Senior in high school (Crazy to think I joined Laughing Place as a user in 2007!) so my schedule has been jam packed with extra curricular events. I have to attend Movie Club, French Honor Society, National Honor Society, House of Representatives and help the Varsity Cheer Team as water boy (Not a joke, I love it), so I haven't been blogging as much as I would like to. As a member of the House of Reps, we have begun to plan the big Senior events, like Prom and Senior Field Day, yet one thing is depressing me so much...Grad Bash. We attend Grad Bash at Universal Studios. You know what I would rather be doing? ATTENDING GRAD NITE AT THE MAGIC KINGDOM! You have no idea how angry TDO makes me with their killing of Grad Nite. Now I have to go to Universal and probably be stuck listening to Pitbull, who has performed there the past two years and might just be the most irrelevant celebrity of all time. I just want my Grad Nite back. *Rant Over*
  • Quick random story: Before every football game, I go with my friend Jessica, who is on the cheer team, to her house and we rest and she gets ready for the game. We usually blast some music in her car on the way to the game and our favorite is "23". If you are not familiar, it is a Mike Will Made-It song...featuring Miley Cyrus with the most ridiculous/infectious chorus of any song ever (WARNING, If you go to listen to the song, it is NSFW). As a high school student, crazy Miley has taken over and everyone is OBSESSED, me included. Is she completely over-the-top and might need to calm down? Yes. Am I still going to jam out to "Wrecking Ball" and "We Can't Stop"? You better your bottom! Heck, our school's Senior shirts say "This Is Our 14ouse", an homage to Miley's "We Can't Stop". I was part of the Hannah Montana generation in Middle School and now I am part of the crazy Miley generation. I would really like to know what you all think of new Miley? Is she hurting herself? Should Disney be ashamed? Are her chances of ever becoming a Disney Legend dwindling or rising?


Let me know your thoughts on any of the topics discussed in the comments!