So, I am becoming more informed on the Walt Disney Records, thanks to some suggestions by some fantastic LP members. By this, I mean I have a book on the history of Walt Disney Records being shipped to me, which I am incredibly excited about. Before that came, however, I received a copy of Bambi in the mail. With a copyright from 1963, this record features 8 songs, a mixture of orchestral and songs with lyrics, all directly coming from the film. This is a 33 1/3 rpm and a long play record. So here we go, my song-by-song reviews!

  • Main Title- I haven't viewed Bambi in a few years, so I forgot how wonderful the opening overture was. Gorgeous score that makes me: #1. Want to watch the film immediately #2. Want a Bambi ride as a part of New Fantasyland. My favorite Disney film overture. A+
  • Little April Shower- Such a quaint and interesting song that I think deserves more credit. In My Top 10 Favorite Disney Songs. Side note, this began playing just as it started storm my house. Coincidence? Yeah, probably. A
  • Gallop of the Stags- Now, this is too intense for me. It is just has that "Go Big or Go Home" quality that I don't care for. Does it fit the film? Absolutely. Does it work as a track on an album? Not in my humble opinion. B-
  • Love is a Song- Okay, I had no idea this song was so darn short! My goodness, by the time I went "I love this song!", it was over. Nice song, just wish it had more meat to it. B
  • Wintry Winds- Now THIS is an orchestral piece that works on an album. My record player has the ability to transfer music to your iPod, and I will definitely be doing that for this track. Gorgeous. A
  • Let's Sing a Gay Little Spring Song- Totally forgot about this song until I played it, but I am officially calling this THE song of Easter. If Disney World every decides to do an Easter parade again (my dream), this needs to be the main track. I love it oh so much. A-
  • I Bring You a Song- Good song? Yes. Yet, the arrangement from the Walt Disney's Happiest Songs record is 1000x better. (Check out that review here) B-
  • Finale- Almost as good as the Main Title, but not AS good. The Main Title gets you excited for what you are about to hear, but I feel as if ending the album with I Bring You a Song would have made me a happier listener. Ending with this doesn't feel like a good end cap to me. C+

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