Here is a new series I am starting called “The Pitch,” where I give ideas to all aspects of the company.

Disney Channel is based on comedy. Never in my days of watching the station (The 1st Playhouse Disney line-up and the That’s So Raven class of shows were my jam) was there a drama that aired (other than in DCOM form). Yet, when it gets to around 8pm on a normal night, they just throw up a movie and call it quits. With the success their shows have, have they ever thought about marketing to a teen crowd at that time instead of a teen crowd?

Here’s my idea, “The Almost-Kind-Of Late Show”. Every night at 10pm would be a half hour talk show geared towards the 14-18 year old demographic. The set would be very modern, a twilight sky backdrop (instead of the normal black or dark blues used on most late night talk sets) and a dark wooden desk molded into a zigzag shape. As you can tell, I’ve have thought WAY too much about this.

The host would be around in their early twenties and would open with a short monologue reminiscent of something Ellen Degeneres would do (story concept) instead of the one-liner idea. Then, a segment would fill the next slot (audience game, on-the-street, etc.). All of this geared towards teens, mind you. Finally a guest would come out for an interview/musical segment and the show would close.

See, I have a dream to host a late night show, so of course I want to be the host, but I can see someone like a Radio Disney DJ hosting as well. It could be filmed on the Disney Studio lot, leading to cool behind-the-scenes access to the movies and TV being shot or animated there.

The studio band can be a group with singers that they can then record and release on Hollywood Records. The Party came out of the 1990’s Mickey Mouse Club and did quite well, so why not combine that with R5 and you have got yourself an in-house band!

I really think this would not only allow for another option for the Disney Channel to get across their new stars (Dove Cameron is the new up-and-comer, so have a sit down interview with her), but it is also a fun content change up for the show. The segments have the YouTube-bility that Disney has been looking for (and that Jimmy Kimmel Live has been very successful with).

If this becomes popular, this could also lead to shows in the parks (a week at Hollywood Studios would be kind of awesome) and a career for the young host (maybe he takes over for Jimmy Kimmel after he leaves, this could become the Late Night, then Tonight Show combo like NBC has).

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts on this pitch in the comments below.

(photo courtesy of Disney Channel))