Bracket 15

The Mighty Ducks are the Champions! By defeating Sport Goofy in the final round, the 1992 Sports Comedy takes home the inaugural Mouse Madness Championship. After a close match, The Mighty Ducks had a late surge to bring home victory.

Their win is considered by many to be an upset. With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 12% The Mighty Ducks rose against the conventional wisdom. Despite initially lacking respect both internally and externally, The Mighty Ducks rose to the challenge to be victorious in the end. In many ways, their Mouse Madness championship mirrors the plot of The Mighty Ducks, The Mighty Ducks 2, and D3. In fact many analysts are calling the 2014 Mouse Madness, The Mighty Ducks 4… or D4 for short.

Coach Bombay was unavailable for comment.

The Anaheim Ducks, which were founded following the success of the film, hope that the victory theme continues as they enter the Stanley Cup Playoffs. While not as prestigious as a Mouse Madness championship, a Stanley Cup victory would be yet another symbol of the franchise’s ongoing success.

While Sport Goofy was the top seed, he just did not have what it takes to bring home a championship. But by all accounts, Dippy Dawg took it in stride. All he had to say about the upset was “Gosh.”

The inaugural Mouse Madness provides us with the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, and a barrage of surprises. The selection committee is already hard at work at the 2015 edition. Look for more information on early next year.