EDM, or electronic dance music, is THE genre at the moment, especially for teens at my high school. Every other it day it seems like people are discussing going to EDM festivals and what not. It has its own culture, pretty much, that is a little cuckoo, but fun nonetheless. Disney actually jumped on the bandwagon at the right time (Unlike Crocs, Silly Bandz…should I keep going?) and released DCONSTRUCTED. This album has EDM covers from some of the best DJs in the genre of Disney new and old hits (Hit may be too strong a word…). Let’s go down the track list and see if these songs make you want to jump up and down, or lay on the ground.

  • Circle of Life (Mat Zo Remix)- This was not the best way to start the album. While starting with the classic opening, it veers off in really odd directions that aren’t good. Halfway through, the song “reboots,” and pretty much starts back at the beginning, with full intro. It seemed too somber, as well. C+
  • Derezzed (Avicii featuring Negin)- This was a major stand out. Already a great tune by Daft Punk, Avicii’s additions, along with the wonderful lyrics from Negin, help bring the song to a new, yet familiar enough, level that is pretty fantastic. A
  • Let It Go (Armin Van Buuren Remix)- Another highlight that makes you want to fist pump, or whatever. Just the chorus is featured in this remix, but its okay, as it brings together the new Disney classic with EDM beats seamlessly. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they played this at my Prom. A-
  • Roar (Yogi Remix)- From Monsters University, this definitely evokes the frat party mentality from the movie. It’s a fist pumping, high jumping, head bobbing good time. The most quintessential EDM on this album. Not very Disney (except for an occasional Sulley line), but still pretty rad. (Yeah, I said rad.) B+
  • Partysaurus Overflow (BT & Au5)- This was just inspired by the Toy Story Short, and that is totally fine because this was fantastic. It was lively, fun, and just an overall great tune. It evoked songs that would play at the end of inspirational 1980’s movies at times, and I mean that in the best way. It made me want to throw on some neon t-shirts, then overfill the bathtub with a ton of bath time toys. A+
  • UNKLE Reconstruction (Unkle)- From The Incredibles, this cover was an interesting entry. While definitely being an EDM tune, it also felt very much like a Rock song. It was an interesting combination of genres that sort of, kind of worked, but not as much as I would’ve liked. Still, not the worst. B
  • Fall (Japanese Popstars Remix)- Another Daft Punk cover, this was a big flop. It was oddly sad, with the lead up to the beat drop sounding as if my AOL dial-up came back from the dead and was trying to murder my high speed internet. Weird analogy? Totally, but it fits after listening to the song. C-
  • The Muppet Show Theme (Shy Kidx Remix)- Not only is this a pretty awful EDM song in the first place, when they play the lyrics from the original tune, the Muppets sound like they have just climbed their way back up from the ninth layer of hell. It was a total WTF moment for me hearing it for the first time. F
  • Hey Pluto! (Stonebridge Remix)- Inspired by the original Mickey Mouse cartoons, this is a really fun song. Including audio clips of Mickey, orchestrations from the clips, and the usual EDM goodness, it turns into a great song that evokes both eras being represented. A definite recommendation for any Disney fan and a good way to put your toe in the water of EDM. A
  • Once Upon A Dream (Trion Remix)- This was fantastic. A fun club beat paired with Mary Costa’s original recording and the original chorus make this a sweet and exciting cover all at the same time. Another great listen for Disney fans. My only issue is it did seem a tad long for the rhythm used, but still, it was excellent. A-
  • Main Street Electrical Parade (Shinichi Osawa)- Now, I loathe the parade. Completely and Utter loathing. Yet, this track helps me appreciate it a little bit more. It deviates far enough away for me to think of this as a complete new track, but the use of the “chorus” of the regular tune is brought down in pitch, which helps bring the annoying factor down a couple notches. A fun cover all around. B+
  • You’ve Got a Friend in Me (Alfred Montejano Hyper Remix)- Now, I don’t know how to distinguish between a hyper remix and just a boring ‘ole normal remix, but I apparently LOVE Hyper remixes. Hearing Randy Newman’s voice go all “Sounds Dangerous binaural audio” on my butt was pretty great. I would never expect to hear this at a club like others on this CD, but I will be putting this on my iPod, as it has a great beat that makes you want to bob your head. A-
  • Baby Mine (House Version, by Kaskade)- Baby Mine is my favorite Disney song of all-time, no question, so I had high expectations going in. However, the vocals were pretty bad. She was incredibly breathy in her version of the song, which detracted from my appreciation towards the track. The beat itself, meanwhile, was pretty wonderful. If they took the original vocals and added them to the background, it would be infinitely better. Sadly, that didn’t happen and we ended up with this clunker. C
  • Pineapple Princess (Kinsey Moore Remix)- The best track on the album. Danceable, a super energetic and infectious beat, paired with the FULL song by Annette Funicello, which is wonderful to hear. I’m hoping this will introduce people to her for my generation, because I am obsessed with her. (Can the sequel album have Strummin’ Song?) A+

I would be not surprised if most of these tracks were played by the DJs at the upcoming 24 Hour parties at the parks. I went in with low expectations, but this album really surprised me. I would check it out on Spotify, for sure! Let me know your thoughts below or on the discussion boards.

The album is available on Amazon and iTunes.