After AP Exams, the last day of school and my high school graduation, I am FINALLY BACK! Since we are half way through 2014 already (Yeah. That’s right. Time flies. It sucks. I know.), I thought I would give you my Top 5 Disney Moments from the year, thus far. Now, don’t expect the “big” stories and events from the year to make my list, as I have some rather weird choices. Either way, let’s look back at the highlights of the past 6 months!

5. Scandal Season 3 Finale- Let’s break down what went on in this stellar episode, shall we? Dead kids, living Vice Presidents, weird presidential victories, deceitful mothers, deceitful fathers, deceitful marriages, and Olivia Pope quitting Olivia Pope & Associates. Am I forgetting anything…wait, Huck and Quinn had oddly passionate sex on the table in OPA. Obvi. It was crazy, twist filled finale to perfectly end a twist filled season. I am already for Season 4, that’s for darn sure!

4. Lucy Hale’s Debut Album- Road Between is the first album from Disney’s Nashville record label, and it is one fantastic debut for both the label and Lucy. All the songs on the album are catchy, but not in an annoying way (Jason Aldean, that was a call out). They are brilliantly written and they all have a fun quality that makes them perfect for a tailgate, beach day or road trip. The stand outs are the first single “You Sound Good to Me,” along with the gorgeous missing-you-duet “Red Dress” with country star Joe Nichols. If you are interested, here’s my review over on my brand spankin’ new country music blog, Twang It Up!

3. Comedy Warehouse Holiday Special- I realize this is an annual thing that only occurred a few days at the beginning of the year, but it is just that good. The comedy is always laugh out loud worthy, especially when you have vets from the Pleasure Island cast. Cast Members like Krista and Lisa kill it each and every show, making guests happy and fans happy, as they get to see something old AND new in the park at the same time. One day, I saw it 7 times. It was that funny. I wish this became a permanent fixture in the park, as I would be there each and every day.

2. Nashville: On The Record- This is the best live album I have ever heard. Great country music from the show (the defining feature of the show, frankly) sung by the incredible cast is heard on this must-have for any fan of country music or the show. When I first purchased it, I listened to the album in full 7 times in a row. It has a great mix of ballads and fun tunes and masterfully goes in between the two. Hayden Panettiere is the standout on a standout album, however, with the haunting and gorgeous “Nothing In This World Will Ever Break My Heart Again.”

1. Maleficent- It is my favorite movie of the year thus far. A beautifully detailed world paired with a very interesting and riveting tale anchored by the spectacular Angelina Jolie giving a performance of a lifetime as the titular hero/villain. She is on that level of Jack Sparrow as far as instantly recognizable roles with this fantastic part. The scene where she is screaming and crying in the woods is heartbreaking and rather poignant. I don’t how they could, but THIS is the kind of New Fantasyland I want to see. I hope to see it in the parks somehow in the future.

Well, those are my picks. What do you think of them and what are yours? Let me know in the comments below and on the discussion boards!