The Tokyo Disney Resort is well known for it’s seasonal events. Next month I will be visiting Japan, and hope to provide extensive coverage from both Halloween events plus the new version of the Jungle Cruise: Wildlife Expeditions. Today however we are going to look at one of the newest entertainment offerings for this Summer “Garyo Gunbu” which is part of the Summer Festival Event “Natsu Matsuri.

Tokyo Disneyland has for several years now presented a Castle Stage Show over the warmer Summer months. The format is a simple one, with both Characters and performers dancing to a very upbeat music soundtrack. Water also plays a vital part in the proceedings. Yes folks you will get wet!!! The Japanese crowds love and embrace this unique style of entertainment and are always encouraged to join in the fun and soaking. This for Guests is a great way to cool off from the hot Summer heat.

New for this Summer is Garyo Gunbu, which replaces the traditional Castle stage  with Parade floats, that now travel along the Parade route and stop in front of the Castle.

The official website describes the show as a Hot Dance Programme that’s perfect for a Japanese-Style Summer Festival. The Disney Pal’s and dancers are divided into two dance teams, Miyabi Kenran and Ryobu Shippu, and heat things up in this programme themed to group dancing. The show begins when the Miyabi Kenran team appears on two floats at the Castle Forecourt in front of Cinderella’s Castle. Mickey Mouse and his pals show off their dance performance to a lively dance beat as water sprays out from the top of the floats. Then, led by Donald Duck, the Ryobu Shippu team which have been travelling around the Parade route switches places with the other team. This team kicks things up with a cool, but hot style of dance.

Both teams then converge at the Castle Forecourt, where Guests join in and dance with the team that they are rooting for. As the excitement builds, more water shoots out and the dance battle between the teams heats up, leading to the show’s finale.

Participating Teams

Miyabi Kenran: Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy and Max.
Ryobu Shippu: Donald, Daisy, Chip n Dale and Clarice.

I would like to thank both Minori and Maki for very kindly allowing me to share the images featured in this article with you.

Garyo Gunbu is performed three times daily in front of the Castle Forecourt and continues until the 31st of August, 2014.