It has been quite a while, but I am back with a new album review, this time of the 1983 LP The Official Album of EPCOT Center on Disneyland Records 2519. As a huge EPCOT music fan, I was really looking forward to this one, so expect lots of high marks for the tracks. So, before your train rotates for your return voyage back to Earth, let’s listen to some great original park music!

  • Main Entrance Medley (Instrumental)- The classic entry medley that is now synonymous with the amazing park. However, (get ready for my first unpopular opinion of the article) I prefer the current main entrance medley at the parks. Less synthesizer-y and more regal sounding. Still, it is pretty darn good. B
  • Golden Dream- The American Adenture’s quintessential song that will forever hold up as one of the most beautiful, patriotic, and stunning songs ever written. Go Bob Moline! The harmonies are gorgeously presented on the track and make me want to immediately join a choir and sing “Oh Shenandoah.” A
  • Energy (You Make the World Go ‘Round)- This song has great potential, as it is very recognizable, yet it ends on such an abrupt and nonchalant note, that it just becomes an “eh” song for me. B-
  • The Computer Song- The weirdest song ever to come out of a Disney theme park. A British man singing about technology? Sure, I guess? It is a unusual choice and an odd addition to the Disney song list. D
  • Magic Journeys- To go from the weirdest to one of the most haunting. I never had the chance to see the original film, but this song is so fantastic. Very different for the Sherman Brothers, yet still beautiful and unique. I have heard that it matched the film well, too, which is even better. A-
  • Canada (You’re A Lifetime Journey)- That awkward moment when the Canada song beats the song of your own country. As expansive and incredible as the country it discusses, the mix of French and English paired with some great harmonies create an overall amazing audio experience. A+
  • Universe of Energy- The better of the two Energy tunes. Distinct, fun, and 80’s-tastic. B+
  • Listen to the Land- It’s weird to think that at one point, a ride through greenhouses was accompanied by country/folk music. Either way, it is still a great song and something that was uniquely “The Land.” A-
  • One Little Spark- Get ready for another unfavorable opinion…I don’t like this version. As far as the ride goes, the 80’s version is far and away the better one, but when it comes to the song, the current version with Eric Idle is much better and more “singalongable”.  This version is too wordy for my taste. C+
  • It’s Fun to Be Free- Great 50’s esque harmonies. I’m on board. (Get it, World of Motion, on board…) B+
  • Makin’ Memories- The woman singing to much better than the group of men, so some points are deducted for this ½ great song…but points are once again added once the last line is sung. “Look at the birdie” is so recognizable for Disney fans and so darn catchy that I can’t knock the song that much. B+
  • Kitchen Kabaret Medley- I appreciate this song for one section and one section only…VEGGIE VEGGIE FRUIT FRUIT! So Epcot and so great. The other 2 are just “eh,” but VVFF is so good, that it is still a 90%. A-

So, what are your favorite Epcot songs? Let me know what albums you’d like to have me review next. Also, if you have any albums you’d like to donate for review, also let me know in the comments below or on the discussion boards!