August's themed Club Penguin party will have VIP guests Elsa, Ana, Sven, Olaf and Kristoff from Disney's much loved “Frozen” and will transform Club Penguin from today through September 3rd!  DCookie888 (a/k/a Dean, my 10 year old son) and I are saving up our coins for “Frozen” swag and I suggest you do the same (hint: ice fishing is an easy and fun way to accumulate coins quickly).

According to Club Penguin, our Penguins will be able to go on a quest to find special magic snowballs that will freeze rooms and areas on Penguin Island.  There are exclusive "Frozen" fashions for Club Penguin members to purchase with coins earned.  My penguin, Scallywag333 is already decked out in Elsa's coronation gown, silver glittery shoes and a gorgeous up-do.  DCookie888 is festive in his Sven costume including antlers!!


Other available items from the Frozen catalog that we LOVE are:

- Anna’s traveling clothing, it is fabulous and includes her pretty braided hair.

- Olaf costume that is just darling (maybe it will be THE Halloween costume to have this year?).

Best of all – members will create snowman puffles!  Dean is most excited about this aspect of Disney’s Frozen party, I wonder how many Olaf-resembling snowman puffles we will be putting in the backyard the party is over?


More details to come after the party begins!  My 10 year old son/penguin, Dcookie888, and I will be waddling around, sipping hot cocoa and hoping for a glimpse of Olaf, our favorite Frozen character.  We hear that Elsa will be creating her own ice palace igloo where we can hear a special version of “Let it Go” when we visit.

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