As part of the continuing effort from Walt Disney World to add extra events for guests to pay extra money for more intimate experiences, so was added the Villains' Sinister Soiree to the already extra priced Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.



For those of you that don't know, Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is held on select nights in September and October at an additional cost for a few hours of tick or treating where you can come away with pounds of candy, photo opportunities with some "hard to find" characters, and special entertainment. For the most part the Villains' Sinister Soirée add on is nothing amazing on paper, you still have the opportunity for the trick or treating and photo ops, but when it comes to the entertainment for the night that is where the additional charge comes into play...but I am getting ahead of myself. First lets look at some of the normal Mickey's Not So Scary offerings

Along with amazing mood lighting throughout the park and the opportunity for some rare photos, there is of course the chance to dress up and trick or treat without being looked at funny....or to try and be looked at funny.










Some of the other fun opportunities for the basic Party was the chance to dance the night away with either some of your favorite Villains at the Diamond Horseshoe or some Monsters from Monsters Inc. in Tomorrowland.






Also one of the most amazing things about the event was the fact that the wait for Anna and Elsa was only 20 minutes!


But after a bit of the standard fun we were instructed to head to a special viewing area for the night's entertainment offerings. Now I have visited the MNSSHP a few times before and have seen the Boo To You Parade and Hallowishes from different areas of the park but the area that was set aside for guest doing the Villains' Sinister Soirée was pretty much the front half of the hub closest to Cinderella Castle which was just amazing because for that large of an area only about 200 tickets are sold each night which gives plenty of space to enjoy.

First the night started off with the Ride of the Headless Horseman, the unofficial start of the Mickey's Boo To You Parade.

Once the Horseman passes it is onto one of the best parades, in my opinion, in all of Walt Disney World, Mickey's Boo To You Parade.






**warning watching this video will have you singing the song all day!**

After Boo To You, see you just started singing it again, came what is quickly becoming one of my favorite parts of the Mickey's Not So Scary event, the Villains Mix & Mingle. This show started a few years ago as a way to introduce the villains and then they would come down in front of the castle to actually mingle, now it is becoming more of a show and less of a Mix & Mingle.



What is considered by many to be one of the finest fireworks displays in all of Walt Disney World is normally the "kiss goodnight" for most party goers, I am speaking of HalloWishes, a villainous fireworks that can only be fully experienced by guests of MNSSHP. This was the part of the evening where I felt the upcharge for the Villains' Sinister Soirée was worth every penny! Instead of being cramped around trying to get a good view of fireworks in the sky with people holding up iPads to video or kids being put on shoulders I actually sat on the ground and took this video.






With the main part of the evening over it was time to head to Cinderella's Royal Table for the actual Soirée part of the night. Having heard mixed reviews of this part of the evening I was a little worried that it could take away from what had been one of my favorite memories ever in a Disney Theme Park, the recording of the fireworks, but those thoughts were quickly pushed out of my head!

Our first stop was to check in at the door in the back of the Castle and be escorted into the lobby to wait before heading up the stairs to be seated. As we walked in we were greeted by Anastasia and Drizella, the wicked stepsisters, and the Queen of Hearts for some photo time.






Once upstairs we were greeted by Judge Frollo before being shown to our seats and a wickedly set table complete with Maleficent goblet full of candy, an autograph card, and personalized menu describing our cheese sampler plate and the desserts.







Once sat and had a chance to sample the cheese plate Lady Termaine introduced the guest she invited to keep us company.

After a bit of mingling with the villains it was time for the dessert introduction and delivery.





After, as was said, we had our just desserts and had a chance to meet with each of the villains we were treated to what just made the night that much better, Lady Termaine and her daughters singing their version of Sing Sweet Nightingale mixed with a little of Lorde's "Royals" pop song.

After an amazing and enjoyable night one last treat awaited guests of the Soirée the rare chance to enjoy the Magic Kingdom almost completely empty.









While the Villains' Sinister Soiree may be a bit pricey, just over a hundred dollars per person which does not include the ticket into the Halloween Party = almost $200.00 per person, this event was AMAZING! I would not suggest it to first time guests of the party or even some with smaller ones because it can turn into a late night, I would say it is something that every Disney Fan should try to do at least once. I was impressed by the entertainment offerings for the guests in the castle and the dessert options were very tasty. I did travel with someone with food allergies who's options became a little less tasty but still said the ticket was well worth it!