Now that summer has passed and Mickey's Not So Scary has started there is only one thing left to signal the start of fall, Food & Wine!


This year just as in the past there are lots of options to enjoy all around World Showcase starting with a new addition this year, the Craft Beer "pavilion" that has taken up residence in the former home of the Odyssey Restaurant. A perfect location to escape the Florida sun and have a choice of craft beers to sample.

Moving into World Showcase and going clockwise from Future World.

We start with the Terra booth that offers a vegan sampling including a very tasty Watermelon Juice and an "I can't believe there is no crab" CraB'Less CraB Cake.


Followed by our first new entry of the year, Patagonia.

Next up with have New Zealand and Australia

Of course with each of the Country Pavilions they are represented along the walk way starting with Mexico.

The 2nd and last new entry for the Festival this year is the Farm Fresh booth.

China and South Korea are next along our eating expedition.

Just because it is Food & Wine does not mean Wine is the only option, the Brewer's Collection booth has a few other options.

After a brief stop to wet our whistle it's onto Singapore for some Seared Mahi Mahi (did you know the Dolphin on the Dolphin Hotel is actually a Mahi Mahi fish?)


Germany, Poland, and Italy are a few of our next options.

Hitting the halfway point at The America Adventure we have the good old American options like Baked Lobster Alfredo, one of the best options I have had in a long while!



Japan and Morocco follow with more of samples from their respective dinning locations.

Belgium, with of course a waffle option, and Brazil, with a snazzy new display, lead us around the bend.

France and Ireland finish up the European countries for now.

Last of the actual "host" countries is also home of the longest running food option in all of Epcot, Canada with its Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup.

Now it is on to the "we don't really have any place to put these so this area will do" booths.


Puerto Rico, with a very large area.

Hawaii, with some of the most tasty overall menu I feel of the entire event.

And finally Scotland, wwith a tasty seared sea scallop with spinach-cheddar gratin and crispy bacon (bacon held)



Of course after a long day of eating what better option then to buy stuff! As with every event Disney knows how to do the magical souvenirs! This year we have a commemorative tray to help you carry your food and wine you purchase with your 2014 gift card!



Along with plenty of other event specific stuff, including a Chef Duffy!




Plus  many different activities available in the Festival Center throughout the day along with more merchandise .




An amazing chocolate display including the first appearance of Avatar in a Walt Disney World park.








Even a flashback to DCA 1.0 with a special theater showing Season of the Vine!IMG_6559

Even though there is not a lot of new options this year as far as food goes, I was very happy to see each booth having different options for Gluten-Free needs and even some new drink options! Look for more F&W coverage soon and as always follow us on Twitter @laughing_place for more breaking Disney news!

The Epcot International Food & Wine Festival presented by Chase runs daily from September 19th - November 10, 2014 with food booths open from 11:00 am to park closing.