My Shameless Selfie on the set of "The View"
My Shameless Selfie on the set of "The View"

Throw some Koosh balls into the air like 1998 Rosie O’Donnell! Dance through the aisles like 2009 Ellen Degeneres! Give audience members cars they still have to pay taxes on like 2004 Oprah! It is National Talk Show Host Day! Now, talk shows are my favorite genre, so I do call myself an expert on the topic *pushes glasses up nose*. For this celebration, we are talking strictly the piece de resistance of the daytime talk show world…for ABC. That, my friends is The View.

As someone who has been there in person *pauses for applause that will never come* I feel like I can full-heartedly say…the show’s last set of ladies wasn’t great. Actually, it just flat out stunk. However, that’s not to say I don’t love the ladies individually from the last go around. I think Jenny McCarthy is freaking hysterical and amazing as an interviewee and Sherri Shepard had a fantastic and highly underrated sitcom on Lifetime for one season that I still would love to see return. Just, they weren’t the best on the semi-round table.

The “All-New View” (which they say every gosh darn day before the show starts…we get it, it is new…now move on) is pretty darn amazing though. The first episode, I will admit, was a little bumpy, as they just talked to each other. That’s it. Oh, then did an awful RO or RO game with the audience that no one cared about. Now, after their 3rd set switch-up of the season (Quick thought on that: Higher table is always better, but them just coming out from behind a stationary wall just isn’t as fun as a sliding wall reveal. Y’all, I am really sick when it comes to my thoughts on the smallest details for talk shows), the show is the best it has ever been.

Rosie O is very big on bringing in “real issues” to the Hot Topics segment, which helps exponentially, as the ladies all have their thoughts, all being very interesting and thought-provoking, but never in an annoying way like a certain lady (cough cough Hasselbeck cough cough). Nicolle Wallace, former Geroge Bush communications chief and Sarah Palin arch-nemesis, brings a Republican POV in the best way possible. All her points are never hated on by the other ladies, they are discussed. Like human beings. She also has the outside Hollywood viewpoint, which is neat to see through her interviews. Rosie Perez is a breath of fresh air and funny beyond belief. Whoopi is just…Whoopi. Genuinely, Amazingly, Whoopi. Gotta love her! (#Califia4LYFE)

Their rapport is fantastic, always great and always filled with energy at 11am. I highly suggest you check it out, even if you never liked previous incarnations of the show. It is the best group they’ve ever gotten. Now, only if the producer Bill Wolff will respond to my letter…Happy National Talk Show Host Day!