Nighttime casts a spell over Halloweentime at Disneyland

Halloween has been a Disney tradition for decades now. With the parks showing off their fall colors and spooky sides with Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, to Disney Channel airing some great DCOMs, like Halloweentown, they always embrace the season and make it BOOtiful (I'll be leaving now). My favorite Halloween tidbits all come from Disney, but they are all so utterly different, that it's hard to describe them all in their own separate articles. So, what are my favorite Disney Halloween things? Let's climb aboard this hay ride and find out!

  • Phantom of the Megaplex is a 2000 Disney Channel Original Movie about a special premiere of "Midnight Mayhem," a new film premiering at a local movie theater. Yet, mysterious issues are arising in the theater leading up to its premiere, and the perpetrator  needs to be stopped, or the premiere is going to be a complete and total flop. The film is one of Disney Channel's earliest films, so it is a bit campy, but that camp translates into complete and utter fun. They only play this one about once a year, around Halloween, but I count down to days leading up to it.
  • Toy Story of Terror is the newest entry into Disney's holiday specials, but it is such a great one. Last year's special (that will now be aired annually after the baffo 10 mil+ viewers it received last October) follows the Toy Story gang as they make a pit stop in a sketchy motel with Bonnie and her mom. The toys are soon snatched up by the hotel manager's pet iguana ('cause, why not?) and on the verge to be sold through eBay, follow a demented version of the horror flicks the toys had been watching as of recent. It was a funny, creepy, and overall fantastic entry into the Toy Story family. Also, be sure to watch this year to prepare for the premiere of Toy Story That Time Forgot, coming to ABC this December.
  • Mickey's House of Villains is a great special from one of the best Disney Channel cartoons of all-time, House of Mouse. The special follows the theater on Halloween night, with Jafar taking over the club and bringing his villain friends along with him. While the story is fun and a great time by itself, the great part about the show was that since it was set up like a theater/club, they showed fantastic new and old Disney shorts throughout the program, like Lonesome Ghosts and Trick or Treat. It is available on DVD and it is a great watch for all ages during Halloween.
  • Boo to You Parade is one of the absolute highlights of the MNSSHP. I always make sure to get a seat as early as possible to see the Headless Horseman through the final Goofy candy float. Distinctly unique and super fun segments, from the infamous grave diggers to the complete opposite Country Clara Cluck section, help create one of the most fun and energetic parades Disney have ever produced. Expect a breaking down article soon...
  • "It's Halloween-lo-ween!" is one of few Disney songs created for the holiday, but hands down the best. Used during Disneyland Paris' Halloween parade and the Magic Kingdom's "Villains Mix and Mingle" show at the castle, it evokes all the creepy and fun feelings the holiday gives off. It is so darn catchy, that from around September 15th-October 31st, I listen to it about 3 times a day.

Hope you have Spooktacular Halloween!