I have been very fortunate enough this year to visit three outstanding Disney Parks during Halloween. Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea and Disneyland Paris. Each offering it’s own unique take on Halloween. But don’t be too scared because this is still Disney, so you can expect to have some not so scary Halloween fun. Today I wanted to begin with Tokyo Disneyland.

Each Halloween some areas of the Park are decorated with Pumpkins and Ghosts, creating an incredibly cute Halloween atmosphere around the Park. A lot of the decorations around Toon Town and Westernland remain the same almost every year. But in some areas like the Plaza and at the Entrance to the Park, new decorations can be found. And this year is no exception. Especially around the Plaza where the theme this year is a Halloween Fair. Mickey and Friends are join by a few Ghosts to provide some spooky photo locations. This includes Mickey enjoying a Merry-Go-Round from a travelling fair. The Park Entrance features a new floral display and a Hearst with a couple of Ghostly Horses. Along World Bazaar stores sell the latest Halloween merchandise while the windows all receive Halloween makeovers to add even more fun to this very popular event.

The main draw to the Halloween Event is the Parade. And returning for it’s second year at Tokyo Disneyland is “Happy Halloween Harvest” Parade. The Parade is themed around a Country Halloween Fair and features seven very colourful floats. New music is featured this year for the always popular Show Stops. Which allows the Guests to interact and join in with all the fun. The Parade currently performs twice daily and stops in Westernland, Plaza and in between Tomorrowland and Toon Town.

Merchandise and food complete the Halloween event. The Disney Hotels also participate in the Halloween fun. Offering special themed rooms and menu’s in the Restaurants. While this year’s event is soon finishing details have already been announced for next years Event. It will take place between the 8th of September to the 1st of November 2015.Next time we will visit Tokyo DisneySea