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Tokyo DisneySea like it’s sister park Tokyo Disneyland celebrates Halloween in a huge way. The theme is Halloween Carnival and the Skeleton’s who are exclusive to DisneySea join Mickey and all his pals to put on a wonderful event across the Park. The Ports American Waterfront, Mediterranean Harbor and Lost River Delta are all decorated for this event. Because of refurbishment currently happening on the Mediterranean Harbor viewing area, the Park decided on three smaller shows instead this year to be spread around the three listed Ports. Entertainment included the brand new “New York Halloween Follies”, “Welcome Skeleton Friends” and the returning “Chip n Dale’s Skeleton Fiesta”.
In this update we have plenty of photos to share from the event. Including the entertainment and decorations, it‘s all here. I also have to a massive thanks to Yuriko Higashio for her amazing help with providing us with pictures of the two shows featured “New York Halloween Follies“ and “Welcome Skeleton Friends“.
New York Halloween Follies is set in the American Waterfront around a 1920’s Halloween Street Party. It features costumes and music from this era of American history including songs such as “I Wanna Be Loved By You“ which Chip n Dale’s love interest Clarice sings in English. The show is located in Waterfront Park and is performed 3-4 times daily.
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Welcome Skeleton Friends is a Character Greeting Show located at Lido Isle. Mickey and all his Disney Pals perform along with the Skeletons 3 times a day.
The decorations vary from location to location. For instance you will find pumpkins around the American Waterfront, Skeletons in Lost River Delta and Scarecrows around Cape Cod. Special merchandise, Character Greetings and food items complete the excitement.
Tokyo DisneySea has already promised a new show for next years Halloween event. It will feature a new Mediterranean Harbor show themed to the Disney Villains.
Next time we travel around the World to see what Disneyland Paris is up to this Halloween Season.