One of the best things about Disney Infinity 1.0 or 2.0 are the wonderful Disney and Marvel characters that the player can experience. You can be anyone you want: superhero, princess, and yes, even villain! Needless to say, I have been very excited not only to try the new 2.0 characters but also to check out the new enhancements. (Thus far, I have added Venom, Groot, and Captain America to my Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy play sets). So, read along as I take an in­depth look at the character changes and improvements.

Sparks themselves are not a new entity within the realm of Disney Infinity. However, in 2.0 there are four different colors of sparks; green, purple, orange, and blue. Green sparks are equivalent to a health boost for your character, purple sparks when collected fill your character’s special power bar, blue sparks are used as currency to purchase toys in the toy box, and orange sparks are added to your character’s level bar to level up and earn skill points. All sparks can be earned by collecting color coded capsules and defeating enemies in the toy box and play sets. Blue sparks can also be gained by destroying certain items around your character such as light posts, garbage bins, and boxes.

Special Power Bar:
All characters now have a special power bar. This bar is located directly underneath your character’s level up/blue spark counter. As mentioned previously, special powers are fueled by purple sparks that are available in capsules and by defeating enemies. Each character has multiple special moves that can be upgraded and purchased in that character’s skill tree.

Skill Tree:
Skill trees are a very cool feature! Each character has his or her own personalized skill tree. This includes Disney Infinity 1.0 characters too! Think of the skill tree as a bonus to leveling up your character. You can access your character’s skill tree at anytime during game play. In order to purchase items on the skill tree you must earn skill points. These skill points are obtained by leveling up your character through earning orange sparks. All skill trees are somewhat similar and feature such character upgrades as health boosts, increased foot speed, and increased target accuracy.

Reviving Characters:
This feature is available only during two player mode. In the event that player one’s character is defeated, player two is able to revive player one’s character. This will result in a loss of health for player two’s character. This feature can also be upgraded in the skill tree to require less health and quicker revival time.

Character Tokens:
As many of you know, in Disney Infinity 1.0 only specific characters were allowed to play in play sets. However, Disney Infinity 2.0 offers the chance for characters from different worlds to interact in play sets. In order to unlock out-of-world characters within playsets, you must collect ten character specific tokens. You are able to unlock two out-­of-­world characters per play set. For example, in the Guardians of the Galaxy play set, you are able to unlock Iron Fist and Iron Man. Once you collect all the character tokens, you can then play that out­-of-­world
character in the playset!

As you can see, there are many new enhancements to the Disney Infinity characters. Despite as very slow (sometimes agonizingly slow) character load time, these enhancements bring a great amount of fun to the familiar Disney Infinity format.