In Christmas season of 1958 a tradition was started in Disneyland of having a large group of carolers and local choirs gather together and sing as walking down Main St. USA to do a small performance of holiday songs, that tradition grew into what would become the Candlelight Processional. Disneyland has for years worked to keep in a production for all who visits to see, with large bleachers in front of the Main Street Train Station.


In 1971 when Walt Disney World opened it was only logical to bring such a beautiful production to the Magic Kingdom with Rock Hudson as the first narrator. The Processional stayed on Main Street USA until the early 90's, until being relocated to the America Gardens Theater in Epcot in 1994.IMG_0038

As part of the Candlelight Processional hundreds of Cast Members from all around Walt Disney World Property, thousands of local school choir members, over 50 skilled musicians, and 13 different celebrity narrator take the stage as many as 3 times a night to tell the story of the Nativity throughout the almost 100 performance.


Some guests wait all day in the stand-by line, stretching as far back as Germany, to get a chance to sit and enjoy this performance up close so before you go check on the special Dinning Packages they offer at Epcot!


I had the chance to see star of stage, screen, and television Neil Patrick Harris take the stage for his 9th time and entertain the crowd as only NPH can!


If you ever have the chance to see the Candlelight Processional in person, be it over the almost 6 weeks in Walt Disney World, or those special 2 nights in Disneyland, do yourself a favor and stop and enjoy.

But for those of you that are unable to make it this year here is a view from the front of the stage.