If it’s a Pixar film, you can bet your bottom dollar that John Ratzenberger has a speaking role. From large parts in Wall-E and the Toy Story franchise, to small parts in Finding Nemo and Up, he is there and will always be there (unless Pixar decides that they hate Cheers). It has become the ultimate Pixar Easter egg and became a hilarious joke at the most recent D23 Expo.

However, do you realize that Walt Disney Animation Studios has a lucky charm of its own? Heck, the Walt Disney Company as a whole has a lucky charm. Katie Lowes is WDAS’ Ratzenberger. Now, it hasn’t been realized, it hasn’t been mentioned, and I’m not sure if they have plans to continue with it, but I’m hoping this article can bring some light to the trend and keep it going.

Katie Lowes, to those unfamiliar, is Quinn Perkins on the ABC juggernaut (even that level of adjective is still an understatement) that is Scandal. She kills it as a former B613 operative and key member of Olivia Pope and Associates. She is amazing on the show, bringing an amazing energy to the show and, in true Scandal fashion, lights up Twitter every Thursday at 9pm.

Katie also has been in the past 3 WDAS films. Yes, arguably the 3 best Disney movies in 20 years have all featured Ms. Katie Lowes. In Wreck-It Ralph, she has a semi-substantial role, playing Candle Head, one of the drivers in Sugar Rush. In Frozen, she gave some random voices, including the mother pulling her child in the very beginning of the film. Most importantly in that film, she was the physical model for Elsa's "Let It Go" movements. SHE'S OUR MARGARET KERRY! In WDAS’ most recent film, Big Hero 6, Katie plays Abigail, the intrepid portal traveler. Not only that, she also provides the quick voice for the woman in Disney’s newest short, Feast.

Apparently, some of these roles came to be as she babysat for the head of Disney Animation casting, as described in this Jimmy Kimmel interview.


Like I mentioned before, Mr. Ratzenberger has gone between having clear cameos and featured roles, and I feel like Katie is due for her turn in the spotlight. Zootopia and Moana are the next two films for the studio, and I can see Katie having large portions in either, especially the former. The buddy cop idea seems like a perfect fit for Katie’s humor and comedic styles.

Even if she doesn’t have a huge part, she NEEDS to be in the films. I love being able to find Katie’s voice in all these films, and she has become the charm for Disney Animation, as the only 3 films she’s appeared in have done great at the box office and with critics. Keep it going WDAS!

Let me know your thoughts/gushing for Katie Lowes in the comments!