2015 is already upon us and while this is considered to be a very slow time for crowds at the Tokyo Disney Resort. Things are certainly not that quiet elsewhere at the moment. Refurbishments have started for several attractions and preparation is underway for Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Fantasy, which is the next park wide event coming to Tokyo Disneyland. In this update we will share the latest news and offer a preview for the year ahead. I also have some wonderful photos to share from 2015 New Years Greetings at both Parks.


Preparation has started to get Tokyo Disneyland ready for its next seasonal event, “Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Fantasy”. The event starts from the 13th of January and will continue all the way through to the 20th of March, 2015.


Offerings will include a special version of the Castle projection show “Once Upon A Time” with new Frozen scenes.


A very special greeting along the Parade route with Anna, Elsa recently announced Olaf.


The usual merchandise, food offering and decorations will complete this unique Frozen themed event.


A promotional comercial has also been released in Japan



Store windows are being changed on World Bazaar to promote Frozen.


Over at Tokyo DisneySea, the park is getting ready for its annual Sweet Duffy event. No entertainment is planned since this is purely a food and merchandise event. Although decorations will appear through out the Mediterranean Harbor and Cape Cod areas of the Park. While not a new addition to the Park, you can also expect to see a few items from Gelatoni, Duffy’s new friend, who made his merchandise debut last year.


Tower of Terror: Level 13 has returned to Tokyo DisneySea. The changes are minimal but you can expect more drops. This unique offering is expected to continue into March. The attraction will then return to its usual drop sequence.


Beginning in March a removable stage will be set up in the Mediterranean Harbor. This will provide better visibility for the upcoming seasonal shows being planned. Work has also been going on since September to improve all viewing areas around the Harbor. This is all expected to be completed in time for the upcoming Easter show, which promises to be a Easter fashion show with Mickey and all his friends.

I mention earlier about several attractions being closed for annual refurbishments. To help you plan your trip better, I have provided the current and upcoming schedule for both Parks between January and February.

Tokyo Disneyland
Haunted Mansion: January 5th - March 29th
Splash Mountain: January 5th - March 5th
Chip n Dale’s Treehouse: January 14th - February 6th
Donald’s Boat: January 14th - February 3rd
Gadget’s Go Coaster: January 14th - February 3rd
The Enchanted Tiki Room: February 4th - 13th February
Minnie’s House: February 18th - March 19th

Tokyo DisneySea
Blowfish Balloon Race: January 5th - March 27th
Disney’s Electric Railway: January 5th - February 19th
Journey to the Center of the Earth: January 18th - March 13th
Sinbad’s Storybook Journey: January 18th - February 6th
Aquatopia: February 20th - February 26th

Please also check the official website for operating hours over the next couple of months. Since the Parks will be closing earlier in the evenings on selected dates.

This year is really shaping up to be one exciting year in the Tokyo Disney Resort calendar. Below we have listed several important dates.


Tokyo Disneyland:
Easter, 2nd of April - 23rd of June 2015
Tanabata Days, 24th of June - 7th of July, 2015
Natsu Matsuri, 9th of July - 31st of August, 2015
Electrical Parade Dreamlights Renewal, 9th of July, 2015
Stitch Encounter: Summer Opening Date
Halloween, 8th of September - 1st of November, 2015
Christmas Fantasy, 9th of November - 25th of December, 2015

Tokyo DisneySea
Easter, 2nd of April - 23rd of June 2015
King Triton’s Concert: Opening 23rd of April, 2015
Tanabata Days, 24th of June - 7th of July, 2015
Summer Festival, 9th of July - 31st of August, 2015
Halloween, 8th of September - 1st of November, 2015
Christmas Wishes, 9th of November - 25th of December, 2015


That will do for this update. We hope to cover Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Fantasy Frozen in the future. For now please enjoy a few photos from the New Years Greetings taken by Yuriko.






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