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[pull_quote_center]Disney’s Tsum Tsum originally released in Japan as a mobile game and the plush line was introduced shortly after. Tsum Tsums, which means ‘stack stack’ in Japanese, quickly grew popular in Japan and in 2014 Disney brought the mobile app and the cute plush line to America!  ... These adorable little plush comes in three sizes, mini (3 1/2″), medium (11″), and large (17″), and can stack easily on one another. [/pull_quote_center]

I can remember where I first heard of Tsum Tsums (rhymes with zoom zoom, but with an 's' instead of a 'z'). We were recording our July 7th podcast last year and Alex kept talking about Tsum Tsums. I'd never heard of them so we took a quick pause so I could be introduced to them. The first picture I saw was the one above. There was no doubt these things are the cutest thing ever (and I'm not really into cute). I did not check out the mobile game nor do I actually own one myself, but whenever I come across one in a store or on the Internet, I always pause and feel a little better.

This past Sunday, to take my mind off a day spent indoors working, I'd occasionally search Instagram for some cute Tsum Tsum pictures. Here are 12 of the cutest I found. And yes, they did make me feel better. I hope they have the same effect on you.

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Doobie Moseley
Doobie is the co-owner of LaughingPlace.com having founded the website with his wife Rebekah is 1999. He became a "hardcore" Disney fan in 1995. His favorite Disney film is Snow White and his all-time favorite attraction is the PeopleMover. Having lived near both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, he's visited them literally thousands of times.