EllieThe latest children's book from Disney Press is called Ellie, written by Pixar animator Mike Wu. It's an adorable picture book about finding the things that make you special. If you have little ones that need some inspiration, this is the perfect bedtime story for them.

Ellie is a young elephant who lives at the zoo with her giraffe and gorilla friends. When the zookeeper announces that the zoo is going to close, she and her friends decide to clean it up. But Ellie isn't tall enough or strong enough to do the chores her friends can. Feeling useless and untalented, Ellie stumbles upon a brush and some paint and lets her imagination run free. Her art becomes famous and she single handedly saves the zoo, becoming the star attraction.

Mike Wu's story is very charming and heartwarming, but his artwork is the real star. The character designs are so winning that it's hard not to love every character. It's done in a cartoonish style that feels nostalgic, harkening back to the watercolor animated features of the earliest days at Walt Disney Studios. It's timeless, the type of children's book that could become a classic and remain a best seller for decades to come. I highly recommend Ellie, which is sure to become a new favorite for you and your kids.