Your “Disney Channel Correspondent” is here with some reviews! Teen Beach 2 comes out on June 26th at 8pm on Disney Channel. Y’all…this is too exciting. I loved the first film so much. At that point, I was too old to fully appreciate a new DCOM, as told to me by society. Frankly, I don’t care whatsoever. Maia Mitchell is bae. ANYWAY! With the new film brings us a new soundtrack, which means it is time for a new track-by-track review. Let’s go! WARNING: These are all reviewed without context, as I have yet to watch the film.

  1. Best Summer Ever-Full Cast: Um, I have conflicting thoughts about this song. It features the full cast, meaning the crew from “Wet Side Story,” along with our couple from the real world. If you know the movie, you know that they don’t end up together at the end of the film, so it must be one of those songs that everybody is singing, though in different worlds/scenarios (aka everything on Glee ever). All that being said, it sounds like a mix of “Surf’s Up” and “Surf Crazy,” two songs from conflicting worlds. I don’t enjoy that. It doesn’t have its own voice, as it sounds so conjumbled (New word, I made it, CALL ME WEBSTER). Still not bad, but not up to full TBM potential. B-
  2. On My Own-Ross Lynch: Apparently he told Disney he wanted to write a song for the film, and this was his doing. Ross, if you’re reading this (You are not, let’s be real), move on to number 3 now. This song was bad. Like, real bad. The chorus was so dumb and it sounds uber out-of-place. This 90s alternative feel does not belong. However, if you had Lisa Loeb sing it, I wouldn’t have minded as much. Ross can belt though, so you can’t knock the kid for that. D+
  3. Right Where I Wanna Be-Garrett Clayton & Grace Phipps: This movie, as far as I can tell so far, has Troy Bolton syndrome. That meaning when Troy first sang in the first High School Musical film, they dubbed his voice (Oh Drew Seeley…). When HSM2 came around, it was rather apparent that the voice and lip-synching happening from Troy was not only more natural, but NOT the voice we were accustomed to. Garrett Clayton, who plays Tanner in this series, has the same issue going for him. I’m not insulting anyone or anything, just the voices are oh so different, that something must be up. THAT BEING SAID, take away the synthesizer in the background (Why is that there?!) and you have yourself a fantastic TBM tune! This is one that will be stuck in my head for a while. B+
  4. Falling For Ya-Chrissie Fit & Jordan Fisher: This song was in the original film, sung by Grace Phipps. Chrissie sings with a hint of Tina Turner in this version, which I am kind of digging. This song derails a tad when it becomes a duet. Stay tuned for my Jordan Fisher thoughts. Not the best, not the worst, but I could listen to it numerous times. B
  5. Wanna Be With You-Jordan Fisher: Here’s the deal, Seacat was such a random character in the first film that I don’t understand why they are making him a key figure in the new film. Jordan Fisher, literally up until listening to this song, has bothered me. On that weird Disney Channel Star group cover of “Do You Want To Build A Snowman,” he just uncomfortably riffed throughout the entire thing. It annoyed me to no end. This song came out of nowhere and BLEW MY SOCKS OFF! Dear Best Summer Ever, this is how you combine the style of both film worlds. This song was so fun, so catchy, such an amazing hook. Jordan, forgive my earlier annoyance with you, ‘cause you rocked it man! A+
  6. Twist Your Frown Upside Down-Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell, Grace Phipps, Garrett Clayton: WOW. In the words of my age group…SLAY TBM SLAY! This song is my new favorite musical tune. This will be an everyday jam for me. It perfectly captures the beach movies of yesteryear and all 4 key singers are amazing in their solos. Harmonies are great, tune is infectious, and I am going to listen to it on repeat. BRB. A+
  7. Silver Screen-Maia Mitchell & Ross Lynch: This is good. It’s not great. Harmonies continue to be nice. However, this song is forgettable. I already forgot it, and I am still listening. This may be one that benefits from seeing the film, however, right now, I’m over it. It also begins to sound like Pirates halfway through, which just made me confused and uncomfortable. C+
  8. Rescue Me-Sabrina Carpenter: Um…you’re not in the movie? I love you on Girl Meets World, aka the best sitcom on TV now, but this is too random or me to handle. The song utilizes a ukulele and tries to milk it for everything it’s worth. This is just boring. Two boring back-to-back. Woof. Her voice is nice, though. C+
  9. Gotta Be Me-Full Cast: Not only is this a great tune that you want to know the words to immediately, but it also is pure TBM goodness. The clip from the film is already out for this song, and the choreography is my favorite thing in the world. It’s going to be the “We’re All In This Together” of TBM, where everyone knows the dance to the song. It’s so fun and I am ready for it to take over the world (even though I slightly prefer Frown). A-
  10. Meant To Be (Reprise 3)-Maia Mitchell, Ross Lynch, Grace Phipps, Garrett Clayton: I mentioned Lisa Loeb earlier as a joke, since it’s such a random reference…but this song happened. Y’all, this sounds like “Meant To Be,” same lyrics from the first film, just set in a coffee house and arranged by Lisa Loeb. I’m obsessed and curious and enthralled. A-
  11. That’s How We Do-Full Cast: This song is this film’s “We Go Together” from Grease. Dare I say it, this song is better, too. I love it. You can dance to this one much easier (I sound like every kid on American Bandstand ever, ugh. Hate myself). Truly though, this is a fantastic finale number for the film, which makes me continue to be confused by that ridiculous opening number. Even though I love this song, This Is How We Do is my favorite of the “How We Do” songs. A
  12. Starting Over-R5: It’s R5. It’s good, I guess. My not caring about them will warrant an N/A

Overall, a great soundtrack that gets me even more excited for the film’s premiere! Few things make me happier than a new Disney Channel Original Movie Musical! I like to forget about Let It Shine, which makes my approval rating even higher, and this shouldn’t disappoint! The album is released on June 23rd, with the movie premiering on June 26th. Only on Disney Channel! *takes glowing blue wand and draws outline of Mickey Ears*