Disney and Pixar's latest animated film, Inside Out, has created quite a buzz in theaters and that excitement has spread to Disney California Adventure Park with the new Inside Out Pre-Parade. The mini moving celebration of emotions kicks off the Pixar Play Parade each day and runs along the same parade route, from Hollywood Land to the edge of Paradise Pier.

Here it comes

I must say, it was heartening to hear that many of the people were waiting specifically for the special pre-parade. When the procession began to approach guests began to angle to get a better look.

Beginning dancers

Dude with ball cart

The float was preceded by a group of dancers, performing moves with colored balls (much like the memories in the movie).

Float front


Side of Fear

As the performers pass, the float hosting the stars of Inside Out rolls through. Joy, Sadness, and Anger are visible from the front while Disgust and Fear can be found at the back.

Joy closeup

You will notice that in different shots, the characters take different poses. Each one is operated by a puppeteer.

Ending dancers

The pre-parade concluded with another round of ball-wielding dancers.

For me, one of the more interesting parts of this pre-parade was that the audio was almost entirely dialogue between the characters. We even get to hear Joy sing the "Bing Bong Song!" Compared to the Frozen pre-parade which was strictly a loop of lyric-less "Let It Go," Inside Out's did a much better job of feeling like you actually saw the film's characters.

The Inside Out Pre-Parade runs daily throughout the summer at Disney California Adventure.