Our coverage of Disney Infinity 3.0 continues with a look at one of the Star Wars games, "Rise Against the Empire." This play set is based on the original trilogy (A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi) and is available separately, but is also included in the deluxe PlayStation starter packs for PS3 and PS4. The play set comes with Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia figures and the game piece is a clear Death Star.


As a Star Wars fan, this is the game I was most looking forward to from Infinity 3.0. Other figures available that immediately work in this game are Chewbacca and Han Solo, but as you play through the universe you can collect coins that unlock every Star Wars character currently available for the game. Unlike the Marvel games from 2.0, there is just one coin to find for each character. By the end of the game, we were playing with not only Anakin Skywalker and young Obi-Wan, but also the four Star Wars Rebels characters. Hilarity ensued during the final battle when we pitted Darth Vader against Darth Vader.

During the 10 hours of cumulative game play, we got to explore the planets of Tatooine, Hoth and the Endor Moon. On the sand planet, our missions included paying back Jabba the Hut for Han Solo's debt, helping put the Cantina Band back together, rounding up droids for Jawas and riding Bantha's. Once you've completed enough missions, you can board the Millennium Falcon or an X-Wing (or both if playing with two players) to head to the Death Star for a quick battle against Storm Troopers before escaping and performing an aerial battle to destroy it.


On Hoth, you get to help build the base by purchasing buildings from the in-game toy store. Riding tauntauns is a must to complete these missions and you're sure to come face-to-face with several wampas during your time on this planet. And your battle here would not be complete without boarding a snowspeeder to take down some AT-AT Walkers. On your journey from Hoth to the Endor Moon, you have to evade some Tie Fighters through an asteroid cloud.


Endor Moon is your last planet, which is full of Ewoks. This magical planet features a network of tree houses connected by rails and ladders. But as the "skull people" begin to invade, you've got your work cut out for you to infiltrate their base and shut it down. Missions including racing speeder bikes, rescuing Ewoks and riding walkers. Once destroying the base, you quickly find yourself back on the new Death Star in a fierce battle against Darth Vader. Once defeated, your final missions are to protect the Rebel ships ("IT'S A TRAP!") and destroy the second Death Star.


"Rise Against the Empire" was tons of fun and of all the Infinity games so far, it's my favorite. The diverse worlds and retelling of the classic Star Wars story we all love made it an instant classic in my book. Of course, playing the game unlocks many new Star Wars toys in your Toy Box, but with so many missions there's still more to unlock if you return to the game after finishing the story. Since Disney Infinity has a wide fan base of adults and kids, this is also a great platform to get kids into Star Wars. The ability to use multiple characters from across the franchise is a plus and a great opportunity to level up all of your Star Wars figures.

In the coming days, I'll be reviewing the other play sets from Infinity 3.0, plus a detailed analysis of each figure from both the Star Wars and Disney releases and a look at "Toy Box Takeover." So keep checking Laughingplace.com for more great Disney Infinity 3.0.

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