IMG_2384IMG_2385 Now that Frozen Summer has passed, things are calming down before any work on Toy Story Land or Star Wars Land really take over. Plus the name is still "Disney's Hollywood Studios" and, judging from all the merchandise that has been coming out, it won't be changing very soon! IMG_2741One of the most glories sights my eyes have seen is a hatless Chinese Theater looking more beautiful than it did over 15 years ago when work started to put the hat up.
IMG_2298On the backside of the Great Movie Ride, we have a billboard for what will surely be one of the biggest box office films of all time next to as ad for one of the biggest disappointments for Disney in a long time (I still liked it!).IMG_2391Moving down Mickey Ave. we have One Man's Dream. This beautiful display of the life and legacy of Walt Disney has long been rumored to be leaving. That notion was further backed up with the removal of Walt Disney's office display (that had been there since 2001) a few weeks ago.3398779301_83d546ea61_b IMG_1749Just around the corner from One Man's Dream before Pixar Place, the area that was once home to a few different filler attraction such as the Narnia and Pirates walk-thru has started to see a little work starting...wonder what could be going in this place????IMG_1769 IMG_2393A few steps away is the once-again-home of Watto's Grotto. This Star Wars: The Force Awakens specific store opened on Force Friday and is said to be open-ended at this time.IMG_2445 IMG_2446 IMG_2448At this point, not much on Streets of America has changed, with the exception of LOTS OF LIGHTS! Yes, starting every August signals the return of The Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights that will light up each night starting in mid/late November for the 20th and final year.IMG_2453The Echo Lake area has only slightly 'defrosted," with the removal of the Troll photo spot and "Frozen Fever" short from the ABC Sound Studio.IMG_2462Oh but don't you fret: the For The First Time In Forever A Frozen Sing-a-long show is still going strong... and don't believe the rumors that Disney's Aladdin - A Musical Spectacular is moving into this Hyperion Theater.IMG_2464Crossing over into the Animation Courtyard, the first real change coming to DHS is well underway.IMG_2389The former Magic of Disney Animation attraction is currently getting a facelift and paint job to become Star Wars Launch Bay.

From the beauty of Mickey Mouse
From the beauty of Mickey Mouse...

IMG_2744 To the grayness of Star Wars Launch Bay arriving this December!IMG_2747That just about wraps up this visit to the Disney's Hollywood Studios, but, before we go, I wanted to showcase something I feel the folks at Disney should be applauded for working toward making snacks for all to eat.

In the past few weeks, the Snacks with Character line was released for guests with allergies and the line seems to just be expanding each time I visit a park or resort!IMG_2372 IMG_2039As they say in the movies, "that's a wrap!"