On a cool afternoon in October a small group of die hard fans gathered in front of the El Capitan Theatre for their first chance to see the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. This Star Wars event, put on by the great folks at Disney Infinity, brought together about 200 fans to view the trailer as it was meant to be seen: on the big screen!


At check in we received a Darth Vader Disney Infinity figure and had the opportunity to sign up to compete in a Toy Box Speedway Challenge for a PlayStation Disney Infinity bundle with an exclusive Boba Fett figure.
With 40 competitors registered, we were broke up into groups of eight for five rounds racing our Star Wars Infinity figures around the Dunes of Tatooine to determine the top two times to play for the bundle.
After proving to be less than worthy, it was narrowed down to the final two and as they fought a close battle.Eventually, Chris, a seasoned Disney Infinity player, emerged triumphant.
As the moment slowly approached the great folks at the El Capitan played the behind the scenes video that was first shared at this years San Diego Comic Con.
With 200 fans sitting looking at what was going on during the football game on ESPN, not for the score but for the half time to start, the moment finally came.

As we all sat silently watching and getting goosebumps and gasping at the beauty on the screen we all let out a huge cheer after it ended. Which was followed by another huge cheer as it was shown again and again — five times total!