I love me a good Disney cover. Give me a Disneymania over a regular movie soundtrack any day. Star of Discovery Kids series Darcy's Wild Life singing a pop-rock version of "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" Yes please. Failed Disney girl group The Beu Sisters doing a moody version of "He's A Tramp"? Sure, why not. Everlife singing whatever the heck they want? GIVE IT TO ME! Thus, when I heard the announcement of the We Love Disney series coming to America (formerly a French album series), I freaked out like Kronk after a fresh batch of spinach puffs. Not only would I be getting a new album of covers, but this time, from recording artists that are known entities, not just Disney Channel ones! CUE CONFETTI! Let's go track-by-track and see if this new compilation album lives up to my own, self-created hype.

  1. Friend Like Me ~ Ne-Yo: Here's a fun fact... Ne-Yo was the performer at the Universal Grad Bash I attended. Instead of watching him, I waited an hour for Forbidden Journey to then keep my eyes closed the entire time. Here's another fun fact... I find this tied with "Hakuna Matata" as the most overrated Disney songs of all-time. There is no appeal to me. However, Ne-Yo adds a lot to it. A suaveness and soulful R&B punch gives the tune a needed boost, in my eyes. Still, it's not as memorable as others, as you'll see. (Sorry I skipped seeing you. I bet seeing your fedora in person would've been lovely.) C+
  2. Part Of Your World ~ Jessie J: I have two different versions of this song on my phone, neither being the original, both being superior. DISCLAIMER: I LOVE THE ORIGINAL... but as we all can clearly tell, I love me a cover. This version is up there on the "Best Of All-Time" list. The arrangement is stunning, thanks to a hefty strings section which, I believe, is scientifically proven to make any and every song better. Jessie J wins the Most Rifftastic Award, as there are plenty and they all kill. Also, her tone on "Thingamabobs" is Grammy worthy. Overall, a must-listen for any Disney fan. A+
  3. Can You Feel The Love Tonight ~ Jason Derulo: Unfortunately/fortunately, he didn't include his name auto-tuned at the beginning of the song. Unfortunately/fortunately, he opened the song with "Circle Of Life," because sure? However, this was the most surprising track for me. A great interpretation and arrangement, once again. African singers give the background vocals, through various chants and songs separate from this one. It makes me feel immediately transported to Harambe. Then, a freaking GOSPEL CHOIR comes out at the end and is all *mic drop*. Fun game to play at home: Listen to this, then "Wiggle" immediately after and try to figure out how it's the same human. (Another fun fact: His song "Talk Dirty" was the soundtrack of my high school the winter of senior year. YEA FOR MARSHAL FACTS!) A-
  4. Rainbow Connection ~ Gwen Stefani: This is something I never knew I wanted. Gwen, as we all know, has a very specific voice, and it suits this song oh so well. Again, the orchestrations add to the song a lot (#Strings), but her voice is what a regular listener will care most about, and it's beautiful. I am obsessed with it, especially the last minute with the song's climax. A-
  5. Zero to Hero ~ Ariana Grande: My. Favorite. Disney. Film. Ever. That isn't even sarcasm, Hercules is the best thing to ever come out of Walt Disney Animation Studios and I will fist fight you to the ground if you disagree. That being said, the only covers from this film have been "Go the Distance" (YAWN) and "I Won't Say I'm In Love," but let's all be really really real right now, the Muses make the movie, so we need more Muse covers. (#LaChanze) That being said, God bless Ariana for taking them on. Truly, the only thing I have wrong with the cover is how instead  of "His perfect package packed a pair of pretty pecs," she sang "His perfect package in a pair of pretty pecs," and I have no idea why. For that, I drop a little, but still a great version. MORE GOSPEL CHOIR! All the gospel choir. ALL THE GOSPEL CHOIR. A-
  6. In A World Of My Own/Very Good Advice ~ Jhene Aiko: This is the biggest stunner on the album because the song choice comes out of nowhere. As someone who doesn't care for the film of Alice, yet adores the soundtrack, I was very pleased to see this song added. I've heard a lot about Jhene, but I've never searched her out. That will all change immediately because she completely slays the game. The song features a bizarre script reading from someone trying to be Alice, and yet, I forgive it because of the #Strings, the soulfulness, and the sultry/smooth-as-butter voice the amazing Jhene Aiko uses on the track. WOW WOW WOW! Buy this track immediately. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. A+
  7. I Wan'na Be Like You ~ Fall Out Boy: Expected, boring, and I've heard a rock version of this song before. The Jonas Brothers did it earlier and better. Yeah, I said it. Fall Out Boy has this problem where all of their songs sound the same, since the lead vocal is so distinct and doesn't drastically change at all. That same technique is brought onto this track and it bores me. NEXT. D+
  8. Colors Of The Wind ~ Tori Kelly: First off, #Strings. Secondly, this is my second favorite Disney film (Why do we never get covers of "Just Around the Riverbend"!?). Thirdly, THIS COVER THO. Tori's voice is stunning always (See: 2015 BBMA performance), but in this ethereal context, it's especially beautiful. When she climbs up the scale on "You'll never know," I can just picture John Smith looking at her, mouth agape and clapping. The arrangement + Tori Kelly = Close to perfection. A
  9. A Spoonful Of Sugar ~ Kacey Musgraves: I love Kacey Musgraves more than any family member I've ever had, living or dead. What her albums do to me is better than therapy. She is the epitome of classic country with a slightly modern twist. She's incredible. So, taking a Mary Poppins classic and turning it into a country swing number, of course, brings us the best on the album. The most fun tune on the album makes you dance, even if you don't want to. That's her genius. Country swing set to Mary Poppins? She can do it. She can do anything. She evens takes the freaking exact tone of the film, and adds it to her version. GENIUS, I SAY! If I don't hear this in Frontierland during holiday parties starting yesterday, I'll be angry. LOVE THIS. A+ (Also, kudos to the incomparable Misa Arriaga for killing it with harmonies, as always)
  10. Ev'rybody Wants To Be A Cat ~ Charles Perry: I have never heard of him! After looking him up, I still didn't know where the heck he came from! The song comes off as audition-to-be-Scat-Cat-in-future-live-action-reboot, but in a good way. He lays it out all on the table and it shows. This track is supplemented with a killer horn section, obvi, and I love it. I think my only problem is that I'm tired of this song. It has Adele syndrome, where you still love it, but sometimes, overplaying it on the radio/Disney events can kill the song's full potential. Still a groovy tune. B+
  11. A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes ~ Jessie Ware: The best way to describe this cover is "Classic #Strings." There is nothing incredibly groundbreaking about this version, other than an absolutely stunning string section, and a beautifully classic sounding Jessie, who belts like there is no tomorrow. "ALONE IN THE NIGHT"... I hope to belt like you. If you need to add a new version of this quintessential Disney standard to your playlists, this will be greatly enjoyed by all. A
  12. Let It Go ~ Rascal Flatts & Lucy Hale (Sure?): Speaking of Adele syndrome, I saw this and wanted to vomit everywhere. Of course, vomit that could then be marketed as Frozen themed and turned into a new division of consumer products. So get this, it's a country-pop version... that's a duet. Oh yeah, everything you want in a "Let It Go" cover... and by everything, I mean everything that hasn't been done to the song yet. All jokes aside, it ain't too bad, y'all! Lucy changes some notes to make it her own, using the Demi Lovato lyrics makes the song seem more out of the film's shadow (which helps), and the guitar line is a really fun addition. This might be a fun addition to any Christmas Playlist on Spotify (Yes, I know you have you. You ain't hidin' nothin' from me!). B
  13. It's A Small World ~ All Singers: OH DANG Y'ALL! We Love Disney just pulled a Disney Channel Stars on me and gave us a dang group number! I can't even. Even if I could, I wouldn't. YAHS YAHS YAHS. Great song choice, too. It starts as a music box, then grows into a larger tune. All that taken into consideration, Kacey is the best (I'm bias). I love it, though, a more floaty version of the tune, until one small section where a man sounds like he is snapping every dang vocal chord in his neck. Yikes. Not sure if it's Charles Perry or Fall Out Boy, but either way, I drank tea in his honor right after. However, a really nice way to bring everyone together at the end. B
  14. It's Not Easy Big Green ~ Brenna Whitaker: Dear this song, where have you been all my life? #Strings, with a great piano track, adds to a simply wonderfully sung lyrics by Brenna. At first I was all "two Muppets songs?!", but then I understood why they were OK with it. She has a crooner vibe with R&B overtones that I am obsessed with. An amazing track that comes out of nowhere. NOWHERE! A+
  15. A Whole New World ~ Yuna: This is what I call the Brooklyn cover. She has that indie-sounding voice, paired with a ukulele, and you're transported directly to a coffee shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It's very sweet, quaint, and nice. However, it's kind of bad placement to end with this. Still enjoyed it, however. B-

With only two real duds, I would HIGHLY recommend this album. Buy the whole thing, which is available on lime green vinyl if that suits your fancy, so we can get more of these amazing things! People miss Disneymania and always want them back, but the only way to show you want them is through you purchasing cover compilations yourself. This is an absolutely perfect stocking stuffer for the Disney fan in your life...or for yourself. I don't judge. Grab a copy today!