MV5BMTc4NDE2MTMzMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNDQyMjIwMzE@._V1_SX640_SY720_While you might not know her name, Kaitlyn Dias was the star of Pixar's Inside Out. Now 16, the young actress lent her voice to the film's main character, Riley, when she was only 11 years old. With only a couple of live-action project under her belt before joining the cast of Inside Out, Dias is now part of what has become a beloved film that stands amongst the best Pixar has ever released.

Own own Doobie Moseley got to speak with Dias recently and ask about her experience making the film and some of the unique acting challenges that comes with making a film about emotion:

Doobie: First, I have to say I loved Inside Out and my little six-year-old loved it a lot too, so thanks for doing it.

Kaitlyn Dias: You're welcome, and I'm glad he enjoyed it.

D: Had you done voice acting prior to this?

KD: I actually had not.

D: So just live-action?

KD: Yes.

D: How did it compare?

KD: It was interesting. I had to definitely tone back my movements, in fear of hitting those microphones, which would have been very bad. I had to put a lot of emphasis into my voice. Not so much that it was totally over the top, but just enough you could really understand my exact meaning behind my words without having any visual cues. Like you're telling stories with just your voice.

INSIDE OUT - Pictured (L-R): Riley's Mom, Riley Andersen, Riley's Dad. ©2015 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

D: Right, so when you do this, it's usually just you right? You're not acting against anyone are you?

KD: Correct.

D: Was that a challenge?

KD: A little bit, yeah. Although I had someone who read the lines with me. They did, thankfully, put emotion into it and try and say how they would how someone would normally say it. Which I'm very grateful for — makes my job a lot easier. I still had to put a bit of imaginary visual spin on it. Just to sort of get into the right headspace for it.

D: This was even more different, because we as a viewing audience, we know what's going on in Riley's head before you even say the words. How did that affect your performance?

KD: I didn't really see that half of the script actually. I didn't see that half part of the script... with the emotions. I just saw what happened in the "real world" outside of Riley's mind.

D: That's interesting. Now, your director was Pete Doctor. I assumed you worked with him on your part right?

KD: Yes I did. He's definitely tall that's for sure. Especially compared to my tiny little stature. I'm so tiny.

D: And you're relatively young, right?

KD:  I'm 16.


D: So you probably grew up on some of Pete Doctor's films. What was it like working with him in person?

KD:  It was a bit mind-boggling at first, but then I realized, hey, he's just a person like everyone else. Just treat him like one. Like you would want to be treated. That kind of a thing. The golden rule.

D: Was he really helpful in the studio?

KD: Yes he was. He definitely knew what he wanted, so that definitely helped me figure out how to do just what he wanted. For just the right spot.

D: So, animated features these days, they so often rely on big stars. Even Inside Out has it's big stars, but you're the central character of this movie and you're a new comer. Did that put any added pressure on you or anything?

KD: At the time no. I wasn't feeling pressure at the time. I was just like this is so cool, I'm just going to enjoy this and have fun with it and just go with the flow.

D: You say "at the time." Has it felt different since it's come out?

KD: Yes, it's been very busy since it came out. I've been all over the place. It's been keeping me busy, but it's been extremely fun at the same time.

D: How long ago did you do the work on it?

KD: I started when I was actually 11 myself. I worked on it for four years. Of course, it wasn't every single day for four years. Just little one day snippets.INSIDE OUTD: Going back to when you were 11 or 12 years old and working on this, did you get a sense of "I'm doing a Pixar film, this could be huge," or did it just seem like another gig to you?

KD: I could definitely tell that this was going to be huge, considering that it's Pixar. They always one-up themselves every single time they come out with a new movie. Like clockwork, and to be part... Part of a legacy I loved to watch growing up, it was mind blowing. Even at the time, I was just like "oh my gosh, this is going to be huge," but I couldn't quite fully wrap my head around it and I still can't.

D: Now, here it is: the movie's made over $800 million worldwide. I mean one of the biggest movies of all time and it's about you, in a sense. Are you starting to wrap your mind around it? Does it affect your daily life?

KD: It doesn't quite affect my daily life, but people occasionally talk to me about it. I'll have a good conversation about it. Maybe make a few friends that way, but I'm still the same person. I hope fame never gets to my head. That's my goal you could say.

D: That's a good goal. Can you tell us about Riley's First Date?

KD: Basically what happens is one of Riley's friends... she met him at hockey — he comes over just to hang out and dad gets a bit defensive because he's like this is my girl. This is my baby. I need to protect her. Then he realizes that him and Riley's friend have a bit more in common then they thought.

D: Well we're all excited for the Blu-Ray release and thanks again for taking the time to talk with us.

KD: You're very welcome

Inside Out will be released on Blu-Ray November 3rd!