Pet VetFor little fans of Disney Jr.’s Doc McStuffins comes the latest DVD compilation release, “Pet Vet.” This 2-hour collection of episodes features a theme of Doc working with animal toys. With a major marketing push that consists of Pet Vet toys and books, everyone’s favorite kid doctor has expanded her services to include pet care.

The fun starts with “Fetchin’ Findo,” where Doc’s fetch-and-retrieve dog toy stops fetching his bone. She introduces her toy friends to the concept of a veterinarian as she makes Findo work again. Doc has to help three billygoat toys in “Three Goats A’ Cuddlin’.” In the double-length episode “A Dragon’s Best Friend,” a lost toy takes a liking to Stuffy, but Stuffy is annoyed by the little guy. In the end, Stuffy comes around and adopts the toy, whom he names Squibbles. Stuffy learns the importance of taking care of Squibbles in the next episode, “Stuffy and Squibbles.” Lastly, when Doc brings home her class pet, Coleslaw the hamster, she learns how to really “Take Your Pet to the Vet” when she gets sick.

Due to the 2-part structure of most episodes of Doc McStuffins, nearly half of the disc has nothing to do with pets at all. The episode segments included that don’t feature pet toys getting a checkup include “Twin Tweaks,” “Swimmer’s Belly,” “Queen of Thrones” and “Master and Commander.” While these stories don’t feature pets, they are full of entertainment and offer some nice diversity by adding different characters like circus performers, royalty, a mermaid and a space man.

Bonus Features

There aren’t any bonus features on the disc, but there are two in the case. The first is Findo’s dog collar, which is made of fabric with Velcro so kids can put it on their favorite stuffed animal (or a really small dog). The second bonus is a Pet Vet checkup checklist and certificate for a healthy pet. Kids can check items off as they give their et love, rest, exercise, food and water.

Packaging & Design

Doc McStuffins: Pet Vet is housed in a standard black DVD case which fits inside a foil embossed slipcover. Inserts include the aforementioned dog collar and checkup checklist, plus a code for 75 points through Disney Movie Rewards and a flier for Disney Movie Club.

The DVD is enhanced with Disney’s FastPlay, which means parents can pop it in and walkaway without waiting for the menu. Letting it run its course, the disc opens with ads for Disneynature Born in China, Inside Out and Toy Story That Time Forgot. After the episodes play, there is one more ad for Disney Movie Rewards before the menu loads. The static menu features Doc sitting with Fido and Squibbles while background music from the series plays.

Final Thoughts

Doc McStuffins: Pet Vet is another nice collection of episodes from one of Disney Jr.’s most popular shows. This theme lends itself better to a DVD compilation than most and the physical bonuses are a nice touch. The collar, in particular, is durable enough to last through your child’s Doc McStuffins phase and the price is right for two hours of entertainment.