A long-standing tradition of the chefs at Walt Disney World hotels has been to create gingerbread displays of their respective locations. In the past few years, the displays have become fewer but grander, focusing on mainly the signature hotels of the resort.

These displays have become as much of a tradition as the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas with some guest planning a day around the opening of each. This year, as with last, the Contemporary display is themed to Frozen but with a Mary Blair touch to it.
IMG_6788 IMG_6783 IMG_6785 IMG_6786 IMG_6787Moving to the Epcot Resort area, we have the Boardwalk display which is themed to a stand you would find around the turn of the 20th century along "boardwalks of yesteryear" complete with fun photo ops.IMG_6915 IMG_6919 IMG_6914 IMG_6916The Beach Club entry is a beautiful carrousel display complete with horses themed to the Beach and Yacht hotels and a amazing holiday horse.IMG_6910IMG_6909

Of course the highlight of most gingerbread fans has to be the miniature house display at the Grand Floridian. This display is truly a "gingerbread house" complete with shingles and windows, but inside holds a store where you can purchase all the treats you can handle!IMG_6892

IMG_6895IMG_6893IMG_6894IMG_6898IMG_6899IMG_6901These displays only stay up till just after the new year so make sure you plan a special trip to visit these mouthwatering displays before they are gone. Oh, and make sure you being an empty stomach because you will want to eat it all!