Reading is a gift and you can share that gift this holiday season with the child in your life thanks to Disney Press. Three new books are available based on three of the biggest franchises aimed at young girls: Frozen, Sofia the First and Doc McStuffins.

Frozen: Anna Loves Elsa

51aDRNx8C+LThe glittery, hard cardboard cover advertises "Pull tabs, flaps, gatefolds, and pop-ups." There's not much story to be found, it's more a list of reasons why Anna thinks Elsa is the best big sister ever. There are plenty of pull tabs, one page with three flaps, one gatefold and one finale pop-up page. But kids will love the interactivity in Frozen: Anna Loves Elsa and the chance to spend more time with young Anna and Elsa.

Sofia the First: The Secret Library

91VSKTaIOtLThis hardcover storybook features hand-drawn artwork to tell a brand-new story starring Sofia, plus an advertised visit by Merida from Pixar's Brave. One day while flying her pegasus Minnimus, Sofia bumps into her Aunt Tilly, who has given her a special book as a present. Inside, she finds a secret map of the castle that leads her to a hidden library deep underground. There she finds a true story about Minnimus' brother who has been locked away in another kingdom. Now she and Minnimus are off on an adventure that will require all of her bravery to set him free and give his story a happy ending. The Secret Library is a fun story that takes Sofia out of her typical princess routine. With more of an adventurous spirit than your average episode of Sofia the First, it's easy to see why Merida whould be summoned by her amulet to help guide her. The text is all in present-tense, with story by Craig Gerber and Catherine Hapka. The drawings by Grace Lee are very appealing and the slipcover features some glitter accents.

Doc McStuffins: Cuddle Me, Lambie

611kBOmZYsLIt's "International Cuddle Day," Lambie's favorite holiday. But when she starts sneezing from an accidental flour spill in the kitchen, Doc prescribes her with "flour-tosis." Lambie will have to wait to cuddle until Doc's dad is home to wash her. But she learns the power of compromise when she teaches the other toys how to cuddle to continue celebrating. Cuddle Me, Lambie is based on the episode "A Day Without Cuddles!" and is adapted by Sheila Higginson. Mike Wall has provided some nice textured artwork that will help wrap kids into the story as you read it to them. It's a nice hardcover book and if your little one is a fan of Doc McStuffins, they're sure to love this story.

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for a book that allows kids to entertain themselves, Frozen: Anna Loves Elsa is a great choice provided they are beyond the stage of wanting to tear up the moving parts in their books. For bedtime stories featuring some of their favorite characters, I recommend Sofia the First: The Secret Library and/or Doc McStuffins: Cuddle Me, Lambie. Both are nice picture books with great artwork and life lessons.