The countdown to Christmas is on at my house, and to help pass the waiting, I have devised a 12 Days of Disney Christmas Movies schedule. This list should appeal to people of most ages. Use this at your own risk as these are my opinions alone.


December 13th: Mickey’s Christmas Carol

I love this animated adaptation of Charles Dickens classic. This is a great chance to introduce your child to a classic work of literature about the holiday season with Mickey and his friends.


December 14th: Holiday Celebration with Mickey & Pals

From volume eight of the Classic Cartoon Favorites, this would be the perfect antidote from Mickey’s Christmas Carol. Starting off with such a heavy subject that includes death to Scrooge and Tiny Tim, this would be a good time to let your kids laugh at some classic Disney cartoons like The Clock Watcher and Toy Tinkers. There is no age limit to laughing at Donald throwing a temper tantrum at his gift wrapping job, and Donald again fighting with Chip ‘n’ Dale over the ownership of holiday treats and toys.


December 15th: Santa Buddies

I’m not a huge fan of these talking dog movies, but my son likes them, so I figured why not? If you have a small child at home, this will no doubt interest your little one as you watch the buddies help save Christmas. The good news is these movies usually aren’t that long.


December 16th: Prep & Landing

I love this cartoon and so do my kids. This is the time to be introduced to Wayne as he wishes he could leave the Prep and Landing team behind and then watch as his new partner Lanny reminds him about the importance of Christmas. I love watching Wayne and Lanny work together to help Santa land safely at a little boy’s home on Christmas Eve.


December 17th: The Santa Clause

What happens if an ordinary guy steps in for the deceased Santa? Well, that’s what this film explores Tim Allen’s Scott Calvin as he accidently kills Santa by scaring him off his roof on Christmas Eve. Scott puts on the Santa coat and thus becomes Santa. The movie is fun for everyone and it has a nice message of how everyday people are what bring the magic to Christmas. Anyone can be Santa.


December 18th: Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas 

This direct-to-video compilation has nice individual stories where Goofy, Mickey and Minnie, and Donald can shine on their own. You can watch as the joy of Huey, Dewy, and Louie having Christmas all the time turn into a disaster, what Goofy does to prove to his son Max that Santa is real, and how Mickey and Minnie cope with not being able to get the gifts for each other that they want.


December 19th: Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas

Watch as Max learns to appreciate his dad Goofy, even though he can be embarrassing. Huey, Dewey, and Louie learn that to get what you want you have to be nice, and Mickey learns that decorating for the holiday’s is not more important than the people you spend it with. The funniest is when Donald is tormented by the song We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Everywhere he goes that song plays in his head. Donald’s desire for peace and a hot cup of cocoa causes problems with Daisy but his redemption comes when he helps carollers learn how to properly perform We Wish You a Merry Christmas in front of the whole town.


December 20th: The Santa Clause 2

Scott Calvin is back. He has settled into the role of Santa and is working hard to make the next Christmas a success. His life is rocked again as he learns that in the Santa Clause: he needs to find a wife, which is called the Mrs. Clause. Tim Allen brings humor to his role as Scott Calvin. He’s likable, and as we watch him find a Mrs. Clause in less than a year, you cannot help but like the guy. Scott Calvin wants to stay being Santa, but as he fights to keep that job, he finds his Mrs. Clause.


December 21st:  Prep & Landing: Naughty vs Nice

Lanny and Wayne are back. This time, a naughty child is trying to hack the nice list and with a coal elf, Noel, Wayne’s brother, they set out to retrieve the device. Not only do they save Christmas and help the naughty child get on the nice list, but Wayne and Noel resolve their brother issues and everyone is happy on Christmas day.


December 22nd: A Christmas Carol

This Robert Zemeckis version of the classic Christmas tale stars Jim Carrey and is done in all motion capture animation. You might remember The Polar Express movie version; it’s the same style which allows Jim Carrey to play multiple characters. I like this movie, but, at the same time, the character faces are the freakiest examples of simulated humans ever. I recommend at least one viewing a year.


December 23rd: Toy Story that Time Forgot

The toys are back and follow Bonnie as she goes for a playdate two days after Christmas with her friend Mason. While Mason and Bonnie play video games, the toys, Woody, Buzz, Trixie, Rex explore Mason’s room and are captured by some militaristic dinosaurs. Suffice it to say, it’s the same story — toys think they are their characters — while our friends try to save their lives and make their captors see reason. All of the original voices are back which help make this short familiar tale enjoyable. How could you not want to watch another Woody and Buzz adventure? Plus this lets Trixie take the lead.


December 24th: The Muppets Christmas Carol

You may have already watched two versions of this story, but the Muppet version is the best. The story stays the same, but we have parts played by Muppet and humans. Michael Caine makes a great Scrooge and Kermit is perfect as Bob Cratchit. We get the serious Dickens story, but the humor of Gonzo and Rizzo narrating the story takes the story to a whole other level. This is my perfect way to end of the countdown to Christmas because the Muppets make everything better.

December 25th: Disney Parks Unforgettable Celebration 

After you have opened your presents, sit down at watch the Disney Parks parade. You are bound to find something enjoyable in it no matter your age.