Articles have been written about how Disney has actually aired relatively few commercials air for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And while that is true, part of the reason is the number of other products that have had Star Wars tie-ins increasing the general awareness that something is coming.

Here we've gathered up as many of these commercials as we could. I've tried to limit it to those that feature either the films or nostalgia for the films. I've not included ones (with a couple of exceptions) that only feature toys or other products based on the films. I'll start with my favorites and finish with a list of all the rest.

First up is a Walmart compilation. Many of these segments actually have separate longer versions that I've included in a separate playlist. But this first video, overviewing them all, is awesome.

Not to be outdone, Target has its own heart warming compliation, this one featuring real people, not actors.

This one is kind of sad, but with a happy ending. I'm a father, I can relate. I cried a little at the end.

This isn't an actual commercial, it was created by Geek Culture. But HP included it in their official playlist and it does promote an HP product so I've included it:

"Few things feel like the first time you saw Star Wars." That says it all.


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