IMG_8084In May of 1977, a film was released that changed the world. Before that film, movies were just things that people would go out to once and then that was it. Yes, just two years earlier Jaws was officially dubbed the first "blockbuster," but it wasn't until 1977 when Star Wars changed film from a piece of celluloid to a way of life. Today a big summer release isn't just a movie but it is a toy release, a fast-food tie-in and every other thing you can wear... all of this thanks to a film no one was sure of that came out almost 40 years ago. Well now Disney has expanded all of that to include a private party at a theme park! IMG_8022For approximately $100, about 4,000 guests were able to attend the early, non-midnight, screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens at the Disney Springs AMC Theater and head to Disney's Hollywood Studios for a fun Star Wars event after.IMG_8043 The day started early with check-in (which was the most flawless event check-in I have ever done), where you received a lanyard BB-8 pin, ticket into the park, and info about the overall event. IMG_8024

By far the most welcome piece in the check-in packet had to be the spot card. This card gave the theater you were in, time to line up and your actual spot in line so there was no need to spend hours in line trying to get a good seat. Yes, if you were late to check in you were given the later spots, but it was still nice to not have to worry about being first or last because they had already taken care of that for you.IMG_8025As the hour to line up grew near, there was still plenty of things to see along the red carpet that was set up for guest of the event including a free Photopass photo of you taken along the red carpet and plenty of guest dressed up — even a droid or two.IMG_8048 IMG_8054 IMG_8057 IMG_8071Once the time came to join the ranks of guests to file in for the film we have been waiting years for, one of the only glitches in all of this preparation came. This almost always falls more to the guests than the Cast Members that was trying to figure out where in the mass of guests your spot fell.IMG_8062When it came time to lead each theater in, the transition was flawless allowing us to walk the red carpet and even bump into some of the stars of the film who made the trip out.IMG_8072 IMG_8073 IMG_8074Inside felt just like a small version of San Diego Comic-Con with everyone ready for the film to start. Prior to the film, a special blurb appeared giving us directions on how to get to Disney's Hollywood Studios and letting us know about events including the ONE NIGHT ONLY Rock 'n' Roller Coaster starring John Williams. IMG_8075As for the film, I won't give a review as those have been done a few thousand times by now but I will say that I loved it! I was very happy with every second and will be seeing in many more times in the next few days and weeks. But, once those final credits started, it was time for the other big event, the after party!IMG_8085 IMG_8086Disney's Hollywood Studios was the only option for a location for this party and it worked perfectly. Between Tower of Terror, Star Wars Launch Bay, Star Tours The Adventure Continues and, of course, Rock 'n' Roller Coaster starring John Williams guest had plenty to do.IMG_8087IMG_8088 IMG_8095Also adding to the night were some great photo ops throughout the park that really made you feel like it was a very special event.IMG_8100 IMG_8104 IMG_8106 IMG_8109Disney's Hollywood Studios with less than 4,000 guests has an amazing feel to it and throw in DJ Elliot to the mix and it is a perfect night!IMG_8118 IMG_8105With the hour growing late, it was time for the “Symphony In The Stars: A Galactic Spectacular” fireworks show which for this night only had a special opening.

With the event going till 2 a.m., there was plenty of time for guests to enjoy all the attractions and meet and greets without feeling rushed. This event was by far one of my favorites that I have attended in my long history of Disney Parks events. But, before the night was over, we had to pick up our event gift which is one of my most prized items now.IMG_8108