Disney Parks Unforgettable Christmas Celebration

On Christmas Day ABC will once again a Disney Christmas parade special. As Disney fans we have thoroughly enjoyed these presentations over the years. To enhance our viewing parties we have tried to tally how many times the year’s marketing phrase is featured in the episode. One year I decided to boost the fun by giving each guest a container of mini m&ms. We would consume an m&m with each reference to the year’s catchphrase, I think it may have been during the Happiest Homecoming, perhaps the Year of Million Dreams. Last year we tracked #DisneySide and this year the buzz word appears to be "unforgettable."

We play Football Bingo during Super Bowl viewings at our house and then several years ago Disney offered bingo cards for viewing parties through their crafts pages online. We enjoyed them and you can still find those here (http://family.disney.com/activities/disney-parks-christmas-day-parade-bingo) but there are only two cards and we have more people at our house. So we generated our own bingo cards and have decided to share them with you.

Hints to using the cards.

Be sure to read through your card before the show begins as multiple squares can appear during a single segment.

Introduction of show’s highlights don’t count. IE. Stay tuned for a visit to the Disney Vacation Club would not count for that spot. You have to wait for that part of the show to air.

Commercials don’t count.

Have fun!

This is our second year creating our own Bingo cards. We hope you enjoy them and they add to your viewing enjoyment of the 2015 Disney Parks Unforgettable Christmas Celebration.

The broadcast airs on ABC at 10 ET and 9 CT, MT, and PT.

Click Here to Download Bingo Cards.