Although Shanghai Disneyland will be home to many new lands not found in other Disney theme parks (like Mickey Avenue which we explored last week), some iconic staples will still make appearences as well. The first of those classic lands is Tomorrowland. Similar to the park overall, Tomorrowland will be home to some updated favorites as well as groundbreaking originals.

Let's zoom in on what Shanghai Disneyland's Tomorrowland will have to offer in terms of attractions, entertainment, shopping, and dining:

Attractions & Entertainment

The future is now in Tomorrowland and it's looking bright. From E-ticket thrills to family attractions, Shanghai Disneyland's Tomorrowland holds a lot to look forward to:

Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue


Official Logline: "Blast away at Emperor Zurg’s abominable bot army in an all-out battle to save Planet Pepperonia!"

My Thoughts: In the seven years between the opening of Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin in Magic Kingdom and Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters in Disneyland, Imagineers made great strides in improving their fun, interactive ride concept. This version comes 11 years after Astro Blasters and promises an even bigger leap forward. As a result, I can't wait to give this one a shot (get it?).

Jet Packs


Official Logline: "Power up, up and away with the wonder, freedom and exhilarating thrills of this futuristic flight!"

My Thoughts: While the Virgin America-esque purple lighting effects in the concept art make this look super exciting, at the end of the day, it's just a spinner. To quote an internet sensation, "Ain't nobody got time for that!" (at least not those of us with only a few days to spend). One interesting note,  another attraction blurb reads, "This centrally spinning sphere levitates riders several stories off the ground for a one-of-a-kind Rocketeer experience you won’t want to miss!" I'm not sure what exactly this ride has to do with the 1991 film, but whatever.

Star Wars Launch Bay


Official Logline: "Immerse yourself in the Star Wars story and encounter iconic characters—including one from Star Wars: The Force Awakens!"

My Thoughts: Barring some big announcement, this seems to be more or less the same as the Disneyland and Disney's Hollywood Studios versions and thus it is easily skippable IMHO.

Stitch Encounter


Official Logline: "Catch close encounters of the Stitch kind when Lilo’s bad-to-the-bone buddy goes joy riding around the galaxy!"

My Thoughts: While the above description calls to mind the infamous Stitch's Great Escape, as you can probably tell from the image, this is far closer to Turtle Talk with Crush. I am somewhat interested in this attraction but 1) there are already three other versions open (Hong Kong, Paris, and Tokyo) and 2) I'm not sure if English shows will even be offered. So I guess I'll pass for now.

TRON Lightcycle Power Run


Official Logline: "Sync the pedal to moto-metal while twisting, turning and riding for your life in the cyber-fi world of TRON!"

Additional Notes: Presented by Chevrolet

My Thoughts: Easily the most anticipated attraction amongst fanboys, this ride has a lot of potential. I do find it humorous that Chevrolet is sponsoring this attraction since they also sponsor Test Track in Epcot which I already adoringly refer to as "Tron Track." While I'm personally slightly concerned about the high thrill levels here, who could resist?

Club Destin-E at Tomorrowland


Official Logline: "The spirit of Tomorrowland comes alive each night at this high-energy, high-tech interactive musical revue."

My Thoughts: This could go a few different ways. First, I'm a little confused on the whole "musical revue" thing considering the additional info bills it as "way more than a performance — it’s a party!" That sounds more like a typical Disney dance party to me but, with the presence of the TRON attraction just steps away, this could turn out to be something to behold... at least for a few minutes.


You can't travel the galaxy without bringing home some souvenirs. Here's where you can find your favorite gifts, gadgets, and glow wear in Tomorrowland:

Imperial Trading Station

Official Logline: "Celebrate the greatest saga ever told with an assortment of merchandise and souvenirs from a galaxy far, far away. Located just inside Star Wars Launch Bay, Imperial Trading Station features an interstellar selection of Star Wars-themed merchandise."

My Thoughts: Since I plan on skipping the Launch Bay, I probably won't make it in this shop either. It's also pretty safe to assume that Star Wars merchandise won't be exclusive to this location, so I have little fear about my plan.

Intergalactic Imports


Official Logline: "After your encounters with Stitch or rescues with Buzz Lightyear, make way to the latest imports from across the galaxy at this futuristic hotspot featuring specialty souvenirs for interstellar travelers: apparel, toys, headwear and more."

My Thoughts: Tomorrowland gift shops tend to be among my favorites. There's something about the aesthetic that I really enjoy and often find myself wandering around them even if I have no intent to buy anything. With that in mind, I will be doing the same in this shop for sure.

The Light Stuff

Official Logline: "Brighten your day or light up the night at this vibrant kiosk. Located directly next to Tomorrowland Stage, The Light Stuff offers an assortment of futuristic merchandise, glow souvenirs, trinkets, toys and more for visitors of all kinds."

My Thoughts: As it says, this is a kiosk and not really a shop, but point for puns I guess? Otherwise, no thanks.

Power Supplies


Official Logline: "Charge up after your Lightcycle adventures come to an end with a sophisticated array of souvenirs and collectibles—inspired by the neon world of TRON. From glow toys and apparel to accessories and more, the future is now at Power Supplies!"

My Thoughts: Now this I probably want to see. And I'm guessing I won't have a choice since it kind of sounds like (in true Banksy fashion) you will exit through the gift shop. I could be wrong about that and, if I am, I'll definitely double back to check this out.


Even in the future, you gotta eat. That's why Tomorrowland will house two dining options:

Spiral Snacks

Official Logline: "While traveling through the future, swirl inside this helix-shaped snack shop offering a variety of unique, distinctive and tasty goodies—including signature Tomorrowland tastes like bolo bau chicken, Shanghainese pork cakes and beverages."

My Thoughts: I'm not sure what makes bolo bau chicken or Shanghainese pork cakes "signature Tomorrowland tastes" exactly, but both sound interesting. File this under: will check out the menu.

Stargazer Grill


Official Logline: "Break away from your travels through Tomorrowland at this open-air terrace and behold a few of the grandest views in Shanghai Disneyland — all while indulging in a variety of burgers, chicken fingers, French fries, Caesar salads and more."

My Thoughts: Don't be fooled by the lack of the word "terrace" in its name — this is your classic Tomorrowland quick service option. While I'd like to say I'll be more adventurous with my dining while in Shanghai, truth be told, those chicken fingers will probably sound really good to me at some point.

That's it for the world of Tomorrowland. Be sure to join us next week as we journey into a new land: Adventure Isle!