What could be more exciting than an adventure land? Perhaps an Adventure Isle — the name Shanghai Disneyland's thrilling, lush, and overall impressive take on the Adventureland concept. Home to E-ticket attractions, a stage show, and multiple stores and eateries, there's a lot of explore on Adventure Isle so let's get going:

Attractions & Entertainment

Staying true to its name, Adventure Isle will be home to two top-tier thrill attractions. While one of these rides you'll certainly be aware of, the other is one you might think you're familiar with but there are always surprises in the jungle. Let's start our expedition and look at what attractions and entertainment this land will hold:

Camp Discovery


Official Logline: "Traverse challenging rope courses, hike scenic trails and dig for ancient relics as you explore Adventure Isle."

My Thoughts: On the surface, this seems like it could just be an upgraded version of a play area like Disney California Adventure's Redwood Creek Challenge Trail or even the Tom Sawyer Islands. However, this looks amazing! If the concept art for this is to be believed, this will certainly be worth exploring.

Roaring Rapids

shdr-att-roaring-rapids-heroOfficial Logline: "Plunge through dark chasms, outrace a ferocious beast and churn through raging, roiling currents on a thrilling raft adventure!"shdr-att-roaring-rapids-01

My Thoughts: Notice in that description it says "ferocious beast." What beast might that be, you ask? This guy:

It's a shame that the image is so tiny because the monster itself looks huge and, not to mention, freaking terrifying. There is 100% chance that I will be going on this ride and a 97% chance I'll have my eyes closed for the majority of it.

Soaring Over the Horizon


Official Logline: "Take off aboard an exhilarating flight where you can witness the wonders of the world as never before!"

My Thoughts: At this point it's unclear how different Soaring Over the Horizon will be from the upcoming domestic Soarin' Around the World attractions. I'd have to think that at least the endings to each would be different (presumably you'd fly over the resort you're in as you prepare to land) and that could very well make it worth taking to the time to hop on a Shanghai Soaring flight even if you're a U.S. Disney Park local.

Disney Jungle Characters

Official Logline: "Journey to this jungle island in the largest, deepest, bluest ocean on Earth—and encounter some revered Disney Characters!"

My Thoughts: I could be wrong, but I believe these will be "walk around" characters and not just a single meet and greet location that requires long waits and no assurance of who you'll meet inside. We can probably guess as to which characters will be included but I'm hoping for some surprises with their choices (like a cuddly version of the Roaring Rapids beast?).

Tarzan: Call of the Jungle


Official Logline: "Hang on for an incredible live stage show that soars with music, comedy, romance and high-flying acrobatic action."

My Thoughts: Full disclosure — I'm not sure I've ever even seen Disney's Tarzan. I also never saw Tarzan Rocks! in Disney's Animal Kingdom, but I digress. However, this looks like it could be a lot of fun, especially with the acrobatics involved — hopefully the story is able to keep up.


Throughout the jungle, you may encounter some natives selling their specialties... as well as some generic t-shirts and hats. Here's where you can pick up your wild souvenirs on Adventure Isle:

Laughing Monkey Traders

Official Logline: "Pique your curiosities with a diverse range of items from the newly arrived League of Adventurers. Once a textile dye workshop, this tumbledown general store now features apparel, toys, plush, accessories and even custom leather treaty!"

My Thoughts: Judging by the number of product categories listed, this seems to be the larger of the two shops on Adventure Isle. I do always like when there's a story built into a retail location and so this will likely have some fun references and details to discover.

shdr-char-characters-jungle-friends-adventure-isle-heroRainbow Frog Trinkets

Official Logline: "Hop along to this Adventure Isle kiosk run by Pampa, a native proprietor with a spring in her step! Once you make her acquaintance, feel free to explore her colorful collection of indigenous antiquities, Arbori souvenirs and rare keepsakes."

My Thoughts: Once again, a pretty decent story for a shop. It'll be interesting to see how apparent that theme is and who this Pampa person is exactly. I guess I'll have to go say "hi" (or "nín hǎo," perhaps).


Don't go exploring on an empty stomach! Why not try some adventurous delicacies on your journey, available at these locations:

Piranha Bites

Official Logline: "Dash to this funky little snack shop on Adventure Isle, run by Gar—the native proprietor and cook known for his incredible concoctions. While he tells a tall tale, be sure to try one of his tribal treats, including your choice from a duo of wraps."

My Thoughts: First, I have to say that this kiosk has a great name. Although wraps don't exactly sound that appealing to me, the Asian menu that this spot will serve could prove to include some tasty treats fit for my park snacking habit.

Tribal Table


Official Logline: "Set out for the heart of the Arbori village where Guests like you are invited to a welcome feast—with entrees from our wok and roasting stations. Join us in celebrating the bounty and balance of nature! Vegetarian options are also available."

My Thoughts: This location promises both Chinese and Western cuisine which begs the question whether that means that American versions of Chinese dishes are included in that. Either way, this sounds like a great option — even for those like me who aren't so keen on vegetables. I also kind of hope this place has an outdoor patio to enjoy the great scenery while dining.

That concludes our voyage through Adventure Isle! Be sure to find your way back next week when we'll explore another aspect of Shanghai Disneyland.