Last week we took at look at Shanghai's version of Adventureland called Adventure Isle. Just off the coast of this isle is an area where pirates have been known to plunder: Treasure Cove. Yes, in Disney's latest castle park, the pirates (including those of the Caribbean) will have their own land with plenty of other attractions for both sea folk and landlubbers to enjoy. Let's take a closer look at what Treasures this Cove will hold:

Attractions & Entertainment

Since pirates have been a big part of the Disney Parks for years, many of the elements of Treasure Cove may seem familiar (take for example the photo below which was clearly taken at Disneyland in Anaheim). However, the Shanghai park also promises to put a new spin on things we thought we new including an updated and exclusive voyage to the Carribean:

Explorer Canoes


Official Logline: "Climb aboard your canoe for an exhilarating paddling expedition around Treasure Cove and Adventure Isle."

My Thoughts: This seems like it could be an easy one to skip (just ask all the Disneyland guests who have done so for years). However, if the area around river looks nearly as beautiful as it does in concept art, this could actually be a very cool experience. Although I am slightly concerned about tiring myself out because... yeah — and if you haven't done them before, you don't get to judge!

Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure


Official Logline: "Ahoy! Join Jack Sparrow’s swashbuckling band of buccaneers for a monster-meeting, treasure-seeking, high-seas adventure!"

My Thoughts: An original take on the classic Pirates of the Caribbean?! Say no more. Oh, you do want more? Well this is in the extended info:

"Set sail for seafaring fun that takes you on, over and under the deep blue in search of Davy Jones’ sunken plunder — all while crossing paths with pirates, mermaids and even the savage Kraken. Landlubbers leave from the Royal Navy’s former fortress and embark on a course that passes through the mysterious Voodoo Alley and Jack’s own secret sanctuary — the Caves of Misfortune — before hitting the briny depths. From a face-to-face with some of the world’s saltiest sea dogs to dreaming of those coveted doubloons, you’ll surely 'shiver ye timbers' during this rollicking romp!"

Bottom line: I. Can't. Wait.

Shipwreck Shore

Official Logline: "Explore, splash and frolic in an amazing interactive play park built in the wreck of a pirate galleon in Treasure Cove."

My Thoughts: As the site confirms, this area is meant for preschoolers and kids. Thus, while a quick look at the shipwreck itself may be in order, I won't be spending much time here.

Siren's Revenge


Official Logline: "Discover a boatload of rowdy pirate fun and some raucous pirate activities aboard this authentic pirate ship."

My Thoughts: So I guess this is actually the area that might be fun to explore. But, once again, this is geared towards those much younger than I *sigh*.

Captain Jack Sparrow at Treasure Cove


Official Logline: "Dare to become a pirate at this port town run by Captain Jack Sparrow and the notorious Pirates of the Caribbean!"

My Thoughts: Who doesn't love a run in with Captain Jack? Given the area, I think he could be a lot of fun to watch interact with guests and the environment (think Peter Pan in that way). I hope I'm right.

Eye of the Storm: Captain Jack’s Stunt Spectacular


Official Logline: "Catch Captain Jack in action — with high-energy stunts, side-splitting comedy and a swashbuckling finale you’ve got to see to believe!"

My Thoughts: That description alone makes this sounds like a ton of fun. However, it's this line from the additional info that really gets me excited: "When the real Captain Jack Sparrow discovers an actor is portraying him onstage at El Teatro Fandango, he vows to show this imposter — and the audience — what a real pirate can do." How meta! This should be a great time... and hopefully it's in English.


What be a treasure cove without the treasure? Here's where you can find the best souvenirs to spend your piece of eight (stolen or earned) on:

Jolly Gypsy

Official Logline: "Drift over to the Jolly Gypsy, a garishly painted kiosk in Treasure Cove. Owned and operated by Marko—an elusive character in his own right — it offers colorful souvenirs, knickknacks and island tchotchkes to both scallywags and Guests alike!"

My Thoughts: I like that they make the distinction between scallywags and Guests. I wonder what I'll be when I'm there...

Doubloon Marketshdr-att-shipwreck-shore-hero

Official Logline: "Ahoy! Plunder a bounty of buccaneer booty buried deep inside Fort Snobbish. Behind its aged walls, explore a swashbuckling bevy of ill-gotten goods — including all the things you need to become a pirate: costumes, headwear, treasure and more!"

My Thoughts: Given the level of detail this land promises, I have to believe that the shops will be fully themed as well. Besides, honestly, when have I ever not visited a gift shop?


Contrary to popular pirate belief, one can not survive on rum alone (those who say that should also know there is presumably no alcohol served in this park...). Thus, swashbucklers will need a place to dine during their brief stint on land. Luckily, Treasure Cove has you covered:

Pintel & Ragetti's Grub to Grab

Official Logline: "Feeling famished from the sea? Maroon your hunger in Treasure Cove! Pintel and Ragetti have readied some grub for the saltiest of scallywags to grab, including mouthwatering BBQ meats and kraken-flavored treats like grilled squid skewers."

My Thoughts: Isn't Ragetti the guy who keep losing his eye? Should be really be running a dining establishment?

Barbossa’s Bounty


Official Logline: "Set sail for the wildest restaurant at Shanghai Disneyland, with indoor seating featuring views of Pirates of the Caribbean Battle for the Sunken Treasure! Run by Captain Barbossa himself, this grog shop offers BBQ, seafood and vegetarian fare — prepared in a spectacular live show kitchen."

My Thoughts: After reading that, Disneyland's Blue Bayou was instantly called to mind. However, there is one big difference: this is a quick service restaurant. QSR prices with attraction views?! Sign me up!

The Snackin’ Kraken

Official Logline: "Devour snacks at this ramshackle of a kiosk as you pay homage to the legend of the kraken, a multi-tentacled beast of the high seas. Run by Driftwood Derwin, The Snackin’ Kraken serves a smorgasbord of sausage, along with tasty pastries."

My Thoughts: With unfortunately no image to go by, this sounds like it could be a cool looking kiosk. Also, the mention of both sausage and pastries makes me think these may be some kind of steamed buns which have been known to be delicious.

Tortuga Treats

Official Logline: "Dock your appetite alongside Tortuga Tambo: a crusty, old boat repairman whose wife Tallulah will prepare you a treat! While Tambo worships the sea turtles, sink your pearly whites into her Aussie beef pie, sausage rolls and more."

My Thoughts: Well maybe I was wrong about the Kraken place since I can't imagine two kiosks in one land both serving sausage rolls. But, either way, both seem to be worth at least looking over the menu.

Thanks for joining us on our voyage to Treasure Cove! Be sure to sail back next week as we look at another area of Shanghai Disneyland.