Ever wonder what a Star Wars themed club would be like? Well just listen to Star Wars Headspace and let your imagination do the rest! Headspace is an EDM compilation featuring over 12 tracks by DJ's with a distinctive Star Wars emphasis. What is EDM? Electronic Dance Music, or “techno” for you older folks. I know, I know — this style of "music" is not for everyone. I'll admit I'm a little biased because I do like it, but if ever there was a universe that could embrace EDM, it would be Star Wars. EDM and science fiction blend together nicely and Headspace is a great way to experience both.


While the album's tracks reference characters, planets, or locales from one of the greatest galaxies that ever was; it's not so focused on Star Wars that it alienates (see what I did there?) the casual listener. This album features several tracks that have dialogue or sound clips from the Star Wars movies while "R2 Knows" by Claude VanStroke is more lyrical and gives us tidbits of the story from the original trilogy. GTA's "Help Me!" is fast paced and intense (in a good way) as it blends Leia's iconic line and Darth Vader's ominous breathing with a little bit of the Imperial March and a Skywalker surprise at the end. "Bounty Hunters" by Royksopp was my favorite because it was slightly more mellow than the others making it great for repeated listening, and it was the longest track (yep, I said that). Finally, "Ewok Pumpp" had me picturing all those adorable little fur balls getting their dance on at an Endor forest club. Now how can you not love an EDM track that makes think of Ewoks showing off their awesome dance moves?!

Star Wars Headspace was produced by the legendary Rick Rubin who has worked with everyone from Johnny Cash to Jay-Z. Additionally, it should be noted that the track “Jabba Flow” credits both J.J. Abrams and Lin-Manuel Miranda (creator of Hamilton and possible new star of Disney’s Mary Poppins project) as writers. Aside from them and perhaps a couple of other artists, you probably won’t recognize any of the names unless you’re a hardcore EDMer.

If you are even the slightest bit intrigued by techno and EDM but haven't really taken the time to listen, then this is the perfect intro album. Star Wars Headspace is my ideal background music for doing chores around the house, or writing an album review... but if I'm being completely honest, I'd wait until dark, turn off all the lights, grab my orange lightsaber and pray that the Force is with me as I attempt to dance.