TGIF is back with Netflix's follow up to ABC's Friday night staple of the early 1990's, Full House. The new series isn't on ABC, but if you didn't know that this was a Netflix original series you might easily mistake it for an ABC sitcom. The show references other current ABC series so often that you would swear a Disney exec was asking the writers to insert some of these jokes. But Disney's synergy arm was absent during production of this Warner Bros. produced series. In case you missed any of the Disney/ABC references during your weekend binge watching, I've chronicled them all for your reading pleasure.

Episode 1: Our First Show, Again

Fuller house baby simbaFull House went off the air right around the time The Lion King became a worldwide blockbuster. So it's more than fitting in episode one when DJ and Stefanie are talking about being back in their old room, Stefanie says "Yeah, it's the 'Circle of Life.'" And as DJ picks up her baby Tommy, she retorts "Oh, Look! And there's Simba!"

In John Stamos' return as Uncle Jesse, he mentions that his music career has lead him to a composing gig on General Hospital, ABC's long running soap opera and one that John Stamos starred in.

Also DJ's old flame Steve makes a guest appearance in this episode. And while no Aladdin jokes are quipped, those who didn't grow up with the original series might miss that he is none other than the speaking voice of Aladdin, Scott Weinger. Also, I couldn't help but notice the very Prince Ali-esque stance he took when making his entrance. Modern day teens and tweens will be #MindBlown.

Fuller House Aladdin

Episode 3: Funner House

When Stefanie and Kimmy drag DJ away from the house for a girls night out, several magical things occur. If you watch ABC's Dancing with the Stars, then you're sure to recognize guest stars Maks and Val Chmerkovskiy who play brothers interested in DJ and Stefanie. Candace Cameron (DJ) was a contestant on Season 18 and Jodie Sweetin (Stefanie) will be on the upcoming season. Both girls get plenty of on-screen dancing time with their date. And when DJ's date asks where she learned to dance, she says "Oh, I watch Dancing with the Stars every week!," to which he replies "That's impossible! It's seasonal and alternates with The Bachelor."

Episode 11: Partnerships in the Night

Fuller House The ViewFlashing forward towards the end of the season, DJ and Stefanie chat about the difficulties of making a choice. DJ's choice is about which man to date, but Stefanie has a tough time deciding what to watch. "When I'm in bed, do I watch The ViewThe Talk or The Real?" DJ's response: "Always go with The View," an in-joke since Candace Cameron Bure is a panelist on the current season. Later in the conversation, Stefanie says "That Raven Symone is always right" to which DJ replies "Oh, what does she know? She was a child actress!"

Episode 12: Save the Dates

Fuller house Going to DisneylandWhen DJ finds herself simultaneously dating two men, Stefanie points out that her life is just like ABC's The Bachelorette. But the best Disney reference in this episode goes to Max, who declares "I'm going to Disneyland!" when his older brother lets him win at a game of Jenga. But after discovering that his brother let him win, he leaves the room defeated. "Max, where are you going?" Stefanie asks. "Not to Disneyland," he sadly answers. "I'm going to Loserland." And at the end of the episode as DJ and Steve share a kiss, Stefanie commentates "Who will get the rose? Find out next week on The Bachelorette!"

Episode 13: Love is in the Air

Fuller House BacheloretteIn the final episode, DJ has to choose between Steve and Matt and Stefanie can't wait for her to let one of the guys down. When DJ says she doesn't want to hurt a guy's feelings, she says "But that's the best part of The Bachelorette... seeing some guy cry in the back of a limo." And when it comes time to choosing her beau, DJ literally uses a red rose to pick the winner.

If Netflix renews Fuller House for another season, I would love to see a crossover episode with Modern Family and maybe an episode where Kimmy Gibbler takes a wacky invention to Shark Tank.