I wonder if Disney Interactive regrets the decision to not make a full Play Set based on Zootopia for Disney Infinity 3.0, a mistake that they previously made with Frozen. After all, the newest film from Walt Disney Animation Studios is already breaking records, including the biggest opening weekend ever for a Disney animated film. But Zootopia fans can at least make their own games based on this amazing world with two new figures and a collection of Power Discs.

Judy Hopps

Judy HoppsThe protagonist of Zootopia, Judy Hopps, comes out of the box with some fast, fun bunny moves. She leaps across long distances at enemies for a long-range attack, while her quick attack builds up to an onslaught of furious kicks. Using the skill tree, a tranquilizer gun can be added to her attack that puts opponents to sleep.

Actress Ginnifer Goodwin provides the voice of Judy Hopps, just as she does in the film. She is full of optimistic phrases with positive messages as she fights her way through whatever battles you choose to put her in. The figure itself is well designed, highlighting Judy's cute, spunky nature. She's in a hero pose with her tranquilizer gun in hand.


Nick Wilde

Nick WildeThe sly fox Nick Wilde wields his elephant jumbo pop around as a weapon, throwing it at enemies for a long-range attack, smacking them silly with it in close combat. His finishing move involves an impressive spin, sending melting drops of popsicle spraying all around. With the skill tree, you can unlock Finnick in his elephant costume who will fight alongside Nick for a short period of time, which can be extended with further skill upgrades.

As with Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde's voice actor from the film, Jason Bateman, provides his voice. The character's snark and sarcasm is found here as well, with some fun ironic phrases during battle. This figure's pose displays his cool, sly demeanor.

Zootopia Power Disc Pack

Zootopia Power DiscA set of four Zootopia themed Power Discs are now available. Those looking to create their own Zootopia will love the Sahara Square sky and floor discs. The sky is most impressive, revealing the city's hottest district at dusk. Downtown Zootopia can be seen in the distance, as can adjacent Tundra Town. And the neon palm tree's at the center of the Square are just out of your reach. The floor pack is full of animal patterns with contrasting road themes. Plants take on an Indian-inspired theme, resembling the decor of the naturalist's club that Judy and Nick visit in the film.

Two costume packs are also included, one for Judy and the other for Nick. You can relive Judy Hopp's first ZPD task as a meter maid with her orange vest and hat, which keeps her ears down. Nick Wilde's costume is a major spoiler from the end of the film. I advise you not to even look at that power disc until you've seen Zootopia in theaters.

I really hope that Disney Interactive either releases another Zootopia Power Disc pack or a future game update allows you to use sparks to acquire more items from this film. It would be so cool to have an entire city building pack to create your own downtown Zootopia. I would also love some vehicles, such as Judy's meter maid car or Mr. Big's limo. But most of all, I want a figure of Officer Clawhauser whose special attack should be a tornado of donuts that wipe out anyone who isn't a fan of Gazelle.