Before we jump into this week's fantastic voyage, there is some news regarding Shanghai Disneyland we need to discuss. With less than 100 days to go until the park opens its gates, Disney released some new photos of the resort that not only look incredible but also deliver on the promises that some of the concept art made. This one of Adventure Isle, for example, has to be my favorite of the lot:

Adventure Isle, an exciting new land found only at Shanghai Disneyland, will immerse guests in a newly discovered lost world brimming with mystery and hidden treasure. Guests will easily find this land by the sight of the mighty Roaring Mountain, source of an ancient legend.

You can see the rest of these great photos here and I'll also use some as we explore our last area of Shanghai Disneyland: Fantasyland. As you'd expect, this land is packed with classic attractions, new experiences, and what seems to be the park's only table service restaurant. Ready? Here we goooooooo...

Attractions & Entertainment

Of all the lands we've looked at so far, Shanghai Disneyland's Fantasyland is probably the most familiar. Still, there is plenty to enjoy that will be exclusive to this park (at least for now) in addition to updates of attractions you already love. Here's what wonder awaits you in Fantasyland:

Alice in Wonderland Maze


Official Logline: "Wind your way through the maze of Alice’s Wonderland world to attend this delightfully mad tea party."

My Thoughts: If you're a Disney Parks aficionado, you're likely aware that Disneyland Paris is home to an attraction called Alice's Curious Labyrinth. While this may or may not be similar overall, one major difference is that this maze is based around live-action version of Alice as opposed to the Animated Classic. This seems like fun, though, admittedly, I'm slightly scared of what surprises this will hold — I'm a Fraidy (Cheshire) Cat.

Enchanted Storybook Castle


Official Logline: "With welcoming, majestic towers that soar to the skies, this fantastical palace brings legendary Disney storytelling to life."

My Thoughts: The Shanghai Disneyland site lists their castle as its own attraction and so I will as well. While it mostly plays host to some of the attractions (including meet and greets with princesses), shops, and dining we'll discuss later on, the structure itself will certainly be worth checking out in depth.

Hunny Pot Spin


Official Logline: "Gather up the gang and spin yourselves silly during this deliciously fun romp featuring Winnie the Pooh and pals!"

My Thoughts: Like some honey in your tea? This Pooh attraction (Shanghai's second, as you'll see in a moment) takes the famous teacup concept of Disneyland and elsewhere and puts a new... spin... on it. I love Winnie the Pooh and this idea, but, unless the line is really short, I do believe I'll pass this time around.

The Many Adventures of Winnie the PoohThe-Many-Adventures-of-Winnie-the-Pooh-600

Official Logline: "Discover the delightful world of Winnie the Pooh and pals as the Hundred Acre Wood comes to life!"

My Thoughts: The big question with this one is whether it will bear (I really didn't mean that one) more of a resemblance to the stateside Pooh attractions or the brilliant and beloved Pooh's Hunny Hunt from Tokyo. Looking at the description, it does seem like a bit of a mash-up, with this lines like: "The wonderful thing about Tigger, is that he’s the only one — bop and bounce along to Tigger’s famous tune!" Even if this isn't quite as cool as Tokyo's, you can be sure that I'll be riding this at least once if not more. Hip-hip-Pooh-ray.

“Once Upon a Time” Adventure

Official Logline: "Step through the Magic Mirror portal and enter an enchanted dimension of wonder: Snow White’s fairy-tale world."

My Thoughts: Confession: I have no idea what this attraction is. That being said, I can only hope the aforementioned "Magic Mirror portal" is half as cool as the one in Enchanted Tales with Belle. I guess I'll just have to do this and report back.

Peter Pan's Flight

shdr-att-peter-pans-flight-heroOfficial Logline: "Drift by enchanted skies to the second star to the right with Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and the Never Land gang!"

My Thoughts: Disneyland's original Peter Pan's Flight remains my favorite Disney attraction. With that in mind, there's no way that I'm not going to ride this version of the classic — I'm always down for a flight over Neverland.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train


Official Logline: "Race around through the diamond mine from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on an adventurous family coaster."

My Thoughts: I've only been on the Magic Kingdom version of this ride once so I guess I'm due for another swing at this attraction. While I was disappointed by how short the ride is, the Audio-Animatronic show scene is gorgeous and I'm sure this one will be just as (if not more) impressive.

Voyage to the Crystal Grotto


Official Logline: "Journey deep into a cavern where favorite Disney tales come alive in a dazzling display of music, light and wonder!"

My Thoughts: This ride sounds simple but phenomenal. It's exactly the kind of attraction I love — akin to the Peoplemover — that gives you what feels like a VIP experience even though it's open to all guests. Potentially, this could even be the first attraction I do as it seems like a perfect primer for the park.

Frozen: A Sing-Along Celebration


Official Logline: "Be part of the music and magic as you join Anna, Elsa and Kristoff for an interactive performance where you get to sing along."

My Thoughts: No, I am not a Frozen hater, but is this really how I want to spend my precious time in Shanghai? Probably not.


Apparently it's every child's fantasy to buy lots of merchandise because Fantasyland is packed with shops. From princess paraphernalia to home decor, here's where royalty shops in Fantasyland:

Be Our Guest Boutique

Official Logline: "Put our service to the test! Lumiere, Cogsworth and other friends are waiting for you at this cozy Fantasyland shop offering precious keepsakes, collectibles and décor sure to transform any home into a palace fit for a beauty… or the Beast."

My Thoughts: This sounds like it will have lots of pretty things to look at but it also sounds like they'll be pretty expensive. I'll happily check it out but it may only lead to temptation.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique


Official Logline: "Put our service to the test! Lumiere, Cogsworth and other friends are waiting for you at this cozy Fantasyland shop offering precious keepsakes, collectibles and décor sure to transform any home into a palace fit for a beauty… or the Beast."

My Thoughts: Simply put, while I understand and appreciate its purpose, I have no children and so I have no reason to visit this store. Womp womp.

Cottage Curios


Official Logline: "Wheel your way over to a quaint cart in the middle of Fantasyland village and come upon a collection of the most curious wares and keepsakes—including Frozen-themed apparel, accessories, toys and other magical Shanghai Disneyland souvenirs."

My Thoughts: It's curious that this curios is called "cottage" when it's a cart. That bit of alliteration is all I can muster to say about this place. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Fantasy Faire

Official Logline: "Commemorate your dream-like journey through Enchanted Storybook Castle with a magical piece of merchandise or a collectible souvenir inspired by classic Disney tales. It’s a perfect way to bring home memories that will last for a lifetime!"

My Thoughts: I'm guessing this is the shop nearest the castle (as always, I could be wrong) and, because of that, it's always worth taking a look inside.

Hundred Acre Goods

Official Logline: "Journey deep into the forest where the worlds of Winnie the Pooh, Bambi and other woodland critters come together in one whimsical locale. Whether you’re looking for plush, stationery or apparel, you can find it all at Hundred Acre Goods!"

My Thoughts: It's Pooh-themed? I'll be there.

Mickey & Minnie's Mercantile


Official Logline: "Feel the real world fade away into a shop inspired by the classic animated short, The Brave Little Tailor. While Mickey takes the starring role, Minnie makes her own brand of magic — Disney Princess costumes, apparel, plush, dolls and more!"

My Thoughts: This sounds similar to Bibbidi Boddidi but may have a little more for adults. Plus the promise of deep theming leads me to believe this shop could be pretty fun.

Mountainside Treasures

Official Logline: "Head for the foot of the mountain near the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and discover this rustic car toppling over with treasures from the Fantasyland forest—including apparel, toys and many other mementos inspired by the world of Snow White."

My Thoughts: Again I say ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.


If you've been keeping up with our past adventures in Shanghai Disneyland, you may have noticed that all of the restaurants discussed were either kiosks or quick service. Yes, it seems that Fantasyland is home to the only table service dining location in the park itself. Of course, there are plenty of other magical places to eat in Fantasyland as well:

Celebration Cafe

Official Logline: "Treat your tastes to flavors from all across the globe at this eatery on the outskirts of Fantasyland, where unique kitchens offer a diverse range of fare like rice and curry dishes, pizza and more. It’s a fantasy of food — and it’s yours to celebrate!"

My Thoughts: Rice, curry, and pizza? I like all of those things! Adding it to the list.

Fairy Godmother's Cupboard


Official Logline: "Conjure up a delightful snack throughout your Shanghai Disneyland day with help from Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother! With the wave of her magic wand, you can enjoy such Fantasyland fare as braised minced pork & puff balls or pepperoni pizza."

My Thoughts: Again with the pizza. This doesn't sound quite as exciting as Celebration Cafe, but still good.

Merlin's Magic Recipe

Official Logline: "Journey off the beaten path in Fantasyland forest. Not far from Enchanted Storybook Castle, you’ll surely come upon Merlin’s Magic Recipe, where there’s a touch of sorcery in everything they make — from savory puffs to Mickey and Minnie buns."

My Thoughts: Off the beaten path? In the forest? "Magic" recipe? Shady.

Royal Banquet Hall


Official Logline: "Dine happily ever after! Delight in a delicious storybook-style feast that unfolds on your plate like an epicurean adventure."

My Thoughts: Consider this the Shanghai equivalent of Cinderella's Royal Table in Magic Kingdom. You can bet that this character dining location will be a coveted reservation.

Pinocchio Village Kitchen

Official Logline: "Deep in the heart of Fantasyland, discover a dining hall decorated just like Geppetto’s workshop! With walls adorned by murals of Pinocchio’s adventures, this family-friendly eatery serves up a diverse menu of rice bowls, noodles and pizza."

My Thoughts: There's an unwritten Disney rule that states that every Fantasyland needs a Pinocchio restaurant with "Village" in the name. This also has rice and pizza so now I'm totally confused about where I want to eat while I'm there. All of them? OK!

Tangled Tree Tavern


Official Logline: "Let your hair down for hearty fare at a tavern inspired by the Snuggly Duckling from Disney’s Tangled—with roasted chicken, fish & chips, Mongolian-style beef and other hot dishes. Desserts, sides and vegetarian options are also available."

My Thoughts: No offense to Royal Banquet Hall, but I have to say that this is the true headliner of the park's culinary offerings. But, then again, the food isn't the main attraction here — the theme is. This could be Potter-level cool IMHO and I really hope it is.

Troubadour Treats

Official Logline: "Calling all Fantasyland theatergoers! When the latest showcase at Evergreen Playhouse comes to its conclusion, pull the curtain on your hunger with tasty supporting acts like hot and steamy rice bowls or the sweet egg tart pastry. Encore!"

My Thoughts: There is certainly no shortage of rice in Fantasyland and that excites me greatly. I will report back with which dish was ultimately the best.

Well, friends, that’s all for Fantasyland and concludes our tour of Shanghai Disneyland. But, we're not done yet! Join us next week as we explore another area of the Shanghai Disney Resort!

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